The importance of feasibility studies lies in their ability to provide companies with a comprehensive evaluation of the viability of their projects. By rigorously testing financial projections and analyzing key variables, these studies help companies make informed decisions and approach financial institutions with confidence for financing.

Prior to constructing or growing their facilities and operations, businesses must conduct a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis or feasibility study. Our firm offers feasibility study services to clients to determine the viability of a project or system, analyzing technical, operational, and legal aspects along with economic justification. This guarantees that our clients' investment in the project is justified. CA possesses the expertise and resources necessary to assess project scope, anticipate challenges, develop feasible solutions, and evaluate resources for successful outcomes.

Our Process

Our approach involves a distinctive method for evaluating the viability of your product or project. We combine conventional feasibility analysis steps with advanced online tools to examine technical, economic, legal, operational, and scheduling feasibility.

Start-Up Feasibility
Analyzing the technical, financial, and marketing aspects of the products or services offered by your start-up is a key step in establishing a solid business strategy. This evaluation provides valuable insights that can guide decision-making and drive the growth of your business. Enhance your understanding of your business model and its potential for growth, while equipping investors with reliable data to make well-informed decisions about your venture.
Technical Feasibility
The assessment entails scrutinizing whether the company possesses the essential technology for the product or service's development. It also evaluates the team's technical skills and capabilities to ensure they are proficient in developing and maintaining the product or service.
Operational Feasibility
Evaluating the effectiveness of the suggested product/service in addressing the identified issues and leveraging the opportunities outlined in the scope definition.
Economic Feasibility
Assesses the financial viability of the project by analyzing the development costs and determining if the proposed product or service is economically feasible. This analysis typically includes a thorough examination of the costs and benefits to make an smart decision about the project's economic viability.
Legal Feasibility
Analyzing the challenges related to implementing projects within the legal framework includes a thorough analysis of data protection acts, social media laws, project certificates, licenses, copyrights, and other relevant legal requirements.
Schedule Feasibility
Examines the viability of set deadlines for product/service delivery and the implications of failing to meet them. Prioritizes resource management and efficiency to enhance overall performance and meet project goals.

Executing a feasibility study brings several advantages for your business such as:

  • Efficient use of time and resources.
  • Narrows down business alternatives.
  • Enhances success rates.
  • Delivers precise data to investors.
  • Highlights areas of concern.
  • Pinpoints potential funding / revenue sources.
  • Aids in making smart decisions.
  • Findings can inform development budget and financial planning.