CaseWare WP training

CaseWare Working Paper Training

CaseWare WP training

A training workshop entitled (Case Ware working papers) has been held at the beginning of this week at Crowe AHFAD . for Auditing activities headed by Mr. Ahmed Al-Askari -IT Manager and Mr. Jamil Salam-Senior Audit Manager and attended by the audit staff.

At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Ahmed Al-Askari-IT manager has confirmed the crucial importance of this workshop in regard to applying the case ware program since it is deemed a significant and inclusive tool enabling the professionals to assess risks, gather evidence, and provide the needed information, notes and recommendations for making well-informed findings reporting based on multi-data resources.

On the other hand, Mr. Jamil Salam-Senior audit manager has talked about the importance of being trained in activities that supported by Software Solutions such as the CaseWare which enables the entity to increase its efficiency and capability.In addition, Mr. Jamil also added that CaseWare Working Papers allows accountants to gather financial data and any other data efficiently and professionally.

The seminar attended by the audit staff has been focused on giving them information in regard to the program, its characteristics and mechanism. The seminar ended by urging and encouraging the trainees to necessarily expedite applying CaseWare Working Papers and know its contents and classifications.