Managing & International Liaison Partner

Dr. Ahmed Al-Dhubaibi Ph.D

Managing & International Liaison Partner

Dr. Al-Dhubaibi is the Managing & International Liaison Partner of Crowe AHFAD. He has more than 20 years of experience in services quality and professional development, in addition to his academic profession and prior financial experience in many industries.


He strives and utilizes his wealthy academic and professional financial and managerial skills and knowledge to audit and assure services outcomes and professionalism.,

During his current career, He developed Crowe AHFAD performance by managing, training and supporting Crowe AHFAD’s staff and professionals. He also implemented Crowe Global and/or international standards & frameworks to insure that Crowe AHFAD services meet Clients satisfaction and add value to their businesses.



Dr. Al-Dhubaibi is a Certified Auditor of the Ministry of Industrial and Trade in Yemen. He has YCPA qualifications, and he is a senior lecturer at the largest academic institutions & universities in Yemen and Malaysia.