Risk & Assurance breakfast briefing

Change and technology – lessons learned

Location: London
Start Date:

24/04/2024 09:30

End Date:

24/04/2024 11:30

Services: Risk, Audit
Industries: Social Purpose and Non Profits
Our latest event will consider two of the most significant news stories of 2024 and whilst the two are very different in nature, there are a number of lessons to apply both organisationally and in respect of technology and change:

What we will cover 

Case Study 1: Post Office and Horizon

Whilst this has been a longstanding story, the ITV series and associated news coverage has brought this to the fore. Our case study will consider:

  1. An overview of key events
  2. Key lessons from the Horizon system implementation and maintenance and how this should apply to technology change programmes
  3. Investigation conduct and what this means when technology is involved
  4. Cultural considerations for receiving challenging news and triangulation

Case Study 2: British Library ransomware attack

In October 2023 Rhysida, a Russian hacker group, attacked the online information systems of the British Library, paralysing the Library’s core operations for a period of months. It has been described as "one of the worst cyber incidents in British history”. Our case study will consider:

  1. An overview of the breach
  2. How it happened and its impact on the Library
  3. Crisis response and recovery
  4. Learning lessons from the attack

Who should attend

Anyone who is involved in managing risks or needs to understand the risks impacting your organisation. 


There is no cost to attend this event.

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