Lisa Mead

Lisa Mead

Partner, Private Clients

I am a partner in our Private Clients team with extensive experience of advising clients on a variety of UK tax issues. I often provide assistance to those whose financial affairs have an international aspect, such as matters relating to domicile, residency and the remittance basis of taxation.

I frequently work with clients to help assess the impact of the UK's complex tax system on their personal finances and plan for the future to preserve their family's wealth.

I am often consulted by lawyers and other professional advisors who have discovered that their clients have not previously taken comprehensive UK tax advice, or who may be going through matrimonial breakdown, and now find themselves with a disclosure to make to HMRC or possible unexpected tax liabilities which they would like to mitigate.

What I Do

  • Personal taxation
  • Tax mitigation
  • International tax issues
    • Domicile
    • Residency
    • Remittance basis of taxation
  • HMRC inquiries

My Clients

  • High net worth individuals
  • Families and trusts