legislation changes 2023

Legislation changes – June, July 2023

legislation changes 2023

Increased limit for cash payments

As of July 1, 2023, there will be a change in legislation that will increase the limit for cash payments made by entrepreneurs from the original amount of EUR 5,000 to a new amount of EUR 15,000. It will be the unification of the amounts for entrepreneurs (legal entities) and non-entrepreneurs where this limit was different.

Cancellation of the obligation to provide the identification document number for beneficial owners with Slovak citizenship

An amendment is being prepared, which should eliminate the obligation to enter the identity document number for the beneficial owners - citizens of the Slovak Republic, which is currently mandatory when registering in the commercial register and also in the register of non-governmental organizations. In such cases, the birth number will be sufficient. The obligation to state the ID number should remain valid for foreigners who are the beneficial owners. The date of entry into force of this amendment is not yet known.

Change of company data from June 1, 2023

In connection with the June 2023 changes to the court map (i.e. new seats and court districts), the registry court for companies that are registered in Bratislava will be the Municipal Court Bratislava III. This change creates an obligation to indicate the designation of the Municipal Court Bratislava III on company documents - e.g. business letters, orders made in written and electronic form.

Provision of energy subsidies for the first three quarters of 2023

The Ministry of the Economy of the Slovak Republic continues to provide subsidies in connection with the increased prices of electricity and gas, in the second and third quarters until September 2023. The application must be submitted through the electronic mailbox separately for each month. The subsidy is provided in the amount of 80% of eligible costs up to a maximum of 200,000 euros per month. The applicant must fulfill several conditions, after which it will be possible to provide the subsidy.

Legislative changes in the area of HR and payroll from June and July 2023

There were several changes in the area of HR and payroll that can be found at this link: Legislative changes in the HR/payroll area in June and July - Contract Administration (ca-staff.eu)