Our team of professionals are ready to help you tackle your most common tax challenges.

With increasing opportunities, private equity groups need a trusted tax adviser with a track record for smooth, seamless service

We will be by your side during every step of the M&A tax transaction and are on hand to assist private equity groups with their tax strategy.   

There are a lot of factors to consider: Increasing interest rates. Economic uncertainties. Geopolitical disruptions.

Our dependable and established team specializes in tax services for private equity groups and their portfolio companies. We work with you to take care of your tax needs before, during, and after a transaction. When you’re overwhelmed with seemingly endless investment options, we bring the necessary private equity tax professionals and experience to the table. 

How we provide a high-caliber customer experience to private equity groups and their portfolio companies 

We want to work with you and provide the top-level experience that you and your portfolio companies deserve. From the beginning of your M&A transaction to closing, from how to structure transactions for the most optimal tax benefits to developing a risk assessment profile, we want to be an integral part of your journey to finding a strategy that works best for your private equity group and portfolio companies. 
M&A tax consulting
 From inception and letter of intent to closing, we will be with you along the way and ready to help with everything – even after closing. You can count on us to help with structuring your transactions, assessing risk, and optimizing your organization for exit preparation.
M&A tax consulting
Portfolio company tax maintenance
We're skilled in prepping your portfolio company for sale. We will handle all tax compliance processes and address any issues in your risk assessment profile to prepare you for a clean tax exit.
Portfolio company tax maintenance
Fund-level management
We'll work with all parties to assist with tax planning, tax compliance, and maintenance of a tiered fund structure. We also can cover tax preparation, K-1 reporting, investor relations management, and more.
Fund-level management
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A client-centric private equity tax services team that can be with you during each stage of the M&A life cycle – and as your portfolio company matures

We are not only well-versed in serving private equity groups, but we believe in building long-lasting, solid relationships. Our team of private equity tax professionals has served private equity groups and portfolio companies for decades. We know the industry and the challenges you face. 

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