Tax-exempt services

Tax-exempt services

Take care of your tax-exempt status

Not-for-profit organizations have unique financial operating environments that require special tax knowledge. Our consulting specialists at Crowe understand the not-for-profit environment, and our technology-based compliance solution can save you time and money.

Bring new efficiencies to your taxes

Complete Form 990 schedules with automated requests, easy-to-use guidance, delegation features, real-time data transfer, and access to expertise. Our proprietary C-TRAC solution for not-for-profit organizations is a web-based solution that can help you take control of your compliance activities.

Get started with C-TRAC

The C-TRAC solution can help you manage your tax compliance process at every step, including form preparation, information gathering and reporting, and project management.

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Our not-for-profit tax specialists can help you protect your tax-exempt status and improve relationships with stakeholders. Contact us today.
Nicole Bencik
Nicole Bencik
Managing Partner, Tax
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Rachel Spurlock
Partner, Healthcare Tax Services Leader