Get an affordable Microsoft ERP for metals up and running – fast.

If you’re a small to mid-sized metals company, you’re in a tough position. You need the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics™ 365, but you don't have the time or resources for a long, drawn-out ERP implementation.  

Metals ERP Express is an implementation process created with your needs in mind. We’ve built pre-configurations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that make it ready to go for your metals business. That means you get key enhancements for the metals processing world – and a quick, cost-effective implementation.

Today's metals customers are asking for more than ever.

Your customers are requesting more complex metals fabrication, faster fulfillment, and more frequent updates – the kinds of services you need a robust ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver on.

Metals ERP Express gives you access to the same powerful Microsoft technology your larger competitors use.

Our pre-configurations make it possible to combine state-of-the-art Microsoft capabilities with the personal service your metals customers have come to appreciate.

A modern system sets your metals business up to compete and grow.

When your system allows you to see inventory, revenue, and cost levels at a glance, the paths to greater profitability become clear.  

We get small to mid-sized metals companies on the fast track to transformation using the Metals ERP Express approach.

It’s an expedited setup of our Crowe Metals Accelerator, which is embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Metals ERP Express delivers the technology you need within a budget and timeframe that make sense for you. 

Plus, the capabilities of Metals ERP Express are exciting to long-term employees – and to the new candidates you hope to hire. 

Ways we help.

Crowe Metals Accelerator 
Our industry-specific metals software combines the power you expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the capabilities and metals intelligence your metals business needs. 
Crowe Metals Accelerator 
Microsoft Dynamics 365
We've enhanced the built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your industry. See how Crowe and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can meet your needs.  
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why Crowe?

We can help you expand your business and revitalize your team. 

We’ve worked in the metals industry for a really long time, so we know who your customers are, and we can anticipate the trends and problems you deal with. 

Addressing growing pains is our specialty. We love projects where we can really help move the needle and have a deep impact on our client’s business. 

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