Independent monitoring

Independent monitoring

Establish compliance by engaging an independent monitor with proven regulatory expertise 

If your company needs to verify compliance with a consent order, settlement agreement, or other sanctions, Crowe can help you meet regulatory requirements. We provide objective resources and expertise to help you meet your independent monitoring obligations.

For independent monitors, Crowe can provide resources and expertise to help monitors meet their obligations.

Hire an independent monitor that understands your company's requirements 

The experienced professionals at Crowe understand the nuances of consent agreements and monitoring, and can assist you with:

  • Settlement implementation
  • Analyzing, developing, and implementing compliant policies and procedures
  • Compliance training at all levels
  • Implementing system and process changes
  • Detailed testing and reviews as required
  • Reporting to the oversight party
Companies seeking an independent monitor
Independent monitors

Get the support you need as an independent monitor by engaging high-quality consultants 

Crowe consultants bring their expertise in legal, audit, regulatory compliance, technology, and risk management to help independent monitors:

  • Review business processes and practices included in agreements
  • Design and develop tests necessary to assess compliance
  • Communicate results and help assess adherence to agreements
  • Formulate action plans to stay within monitoring guidelines
  • Administer tests, including sampling of transactions, documenting evidence, and summarizing results
  • Prepare required reports

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If you are looking for an independent monitor or are an independent monitor looking for additional support, Crowe has the expertise and resources to help you stay in compliance. Contact us today.
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