Enhance your 340B Program benefits without overloading your operations

Managing 340B Program compliance doesn't have to feel like such a burden.

The standards for 340B Drug Pricing Program eligibility imposed by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) leave little room for flexibility. Maintaining compliance with 340B Program requirements can place a heavy burden on your staff and resources, sometimes at the expense of the patients you serve.

It’s possible to run a highly-optimized 340B Program and deliver impactful solutions to those who depend on you. Our team of 340B specialists and professionals can show you how.

Build an effective 340B operation from the ground up

Implementing an entirely new 340B operation in your healthcare system can be a very heavy lift. A highly effective and accurate program begins with a thorough evaluation of your people, processes, and technology.

Working with experienced professionals to implement a new 340B Program can yield benefits that you can apply to your infrastructure

Create a more accurate, audit-ready 340B Program

Evaluating every aspect of your 340B Program is critical to a smooth and efficient system, but the process can be challenging for your organization. We can help with conducting mock audits, verifying compliance standards, and reviewing key risk areas though analytics.

Support from a trusted third-party resource can help ease the heavy workload involved with a HRSA audit.

Our team of 340B Program specialists can assist by offering a host of services, from helping you gather data for a HSRA audit to providing direct support during the audit to deciphering audit findings for your organization.

Tailor-made solutions matched to your specific needs

Matching the right services to specific needs begins with understanding and evaluation. We’re more than just fixers – we're a resource for every aspect of your 340B Program.

Audit readiness and support
We provide audit support solutions ranging from mock HRSA audits testing 340B dispensations, internal compliance verification, and HRSA audit support.
Audit readiness and support
Consulting and optimization
From 340B eligibility and risk assessments to program implementation and optimization efforts, we provide consulting solutions designed to improve your 340B Program’s operational efficiencies.
Consulting and optimization
Comprehensive pharmacy solutions that deliver value to your healthcare system
Your pharmacy deserves more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Find out how we can help with your needs.

Real-world knowledge and decades of experience in all aspects of 340B

Managing the 340B Program requirements on your own can be challenging. Fine-tuning how your program runs is about knowing what to optimize and how to make those changes.

At Crowe, we have built a team of pharmacists, nurses, auditors, and 340B professionals who’ve been in your shoes.

From enrollment and implementation to compliance audit prep and ongoing support, we can provide the resources you need in the areas you need them most.