Attack penetration testing

Attack & penetration testing

Let our professional hackers discover your vulnerabilities before criminals do 

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is more than just a matter of regulatory compliance. It’s a key component to a sound cybersecurity risk management program. Our broad range of pen testing and advanced security assessment services can help you implement a best-in-class cybersecurity strategy.

Professional hackers who think like attackers

Crowe penetration assessments are carried out by experienced, professional hackers who have learned to think like attackers. Each customized assessment is fully integrated with other end-to-end Crowe cybersecurity services, which include:

  • External assessments: attempting breaches from outside your network
  • Internal assessments: mimicking the actions of a malicious insider
  • Wireless assessments: reviewing wireless encryption, rogue detection, war driving and walking
  • Web application assessments: performing customized testing of business applications
  • Social engineering assessments: exploring the weaknesses in employee practices
  • Red team assessments: conducting real-world advanced testing of an organization’s cyberresilience
  • Purple team engagements: collaborating across all stages of the engagement with a combination of teams working together

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Crowe penetration assessments are carried out by experienced professional hackers. Contact us today for a customized assessment.
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