Get the transparency your customers want and the efficiency you need with our HITRUST assessment services

If you’re putting the brakes on your HITRUST CSF® certification because of stretched resources, there’s a better way forward.

When it comes to IT security, your customers are looking for more than peace of mind – they want certifiable credibility and transparency. Demonstrating HITRUST compliance offers that credibility, but managing the process and resources to get there can be a significant hurdle. Our team can help you use the HITRUST framework to address customer needs through a single, comprehensive assessment.

HITRUST certification offers the consistent protection your customers want

Going through HITRUST certification is a great way to fulfill client compliance requirements for controls and data security, but it’s about more than checking a box. Certification really shows how your organization provides holistic information protection, encompassing both security and technology elements and privacy and compliance processes. Plus, the consistent framework offers standardized controls, which give you specific guidance for implementation and maintenance. The HITRUST certification process has a lot of moving parts and pieces – but you don’t have to manage them alone.

Gain a mix of credibility and collaboration with our HITRUST assessment

Gaining a HITRUST certification can provide the credibility you need to both reassure your current customers and attract new business. If your resources are already stretched thin, our team can help. Our collaborative, customizable HITRUST assessment services remove the guesswork from the process. We work with you to:

  • Help you understand the best assessment scope based on customer requests and business objectives
  • Educate key stakeholders on the HITRUST methodology and assessment process
  • Evaluate control processes against HITRUST requirements
  • Prioritize gaps based on risk, expected effort, and dependencies
  • Streamline your assessment experience

HITRUST assessment can help guide your process

Tailored to your needs

We provide a personalized experience, knowing each organization has its own priorities and approach to technology risk and compliance.

Complete and detailed assessment

Our detailed readiness assessment tracks all of the steps along the way, helping to eliminate any surprises.

Dedicated HITRUST team

Our team of dedicated specialists focus specifically on HITRUST. We’ve also been appointed to serve on the HITRUST Authorized External Assessor Council, where we obtain early insights and a preview of program updates.

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Our team offers specialized and customized HITRUST assessments 

Our HITRUST specialists have deep familiarity with assessments, and they frequently provide HITRUST presentations, papers, and thought leadership. We’re here to help you map out the best HITRUST certification process for your business, offering extensive experience in:

  • HITRUST certification
  • Working with a range of companies and IT environments, from larger established companies (Fortune 500) to startups
  • Understanding cloud providers that use the shared responsibility approach
  • Contact us today about customizing a HITRUST assessment for your business.