Strategic sourcing

Drive long-term savings with a strategic approach to sourcing

To enhance procurement, you must take a strategic view. Crowe helps you start with an unbiased analysis of spending, followed by insight into your supply chain management, so you can improve profitability without affecting safety, quality, delivery, or customer service.

We can help you find savings

Up to 10 percent savings on raw materials

Inclusive of:

  • Metals, including shapes, wire, plate, bar, and tube
  • Agricultural goods, including corn, wheat, and proteins
  • Resins
  • Chemicals, including industrial and food grade
  • Lumber and wood products
Up to 40 percent savings on direct and indirect purchasing and MRO

Inclusive of:

  • Raw materials and products bought through distribution, including metal, agricultural goods, food, resins, chemicals, packaging, and lumber
  • General maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), including fasters, tools, safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), janitorial, and material handling
  • Freight, including parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), bill pay, and audit as well as truckload (TL), flatbed, refrigeration, and fleet management
  • Contract and temporary label
  • Energy, including natural gas, petroleum, and utilities
  • Machined metal products
  • Metal coatings and finishings
Up to 40 percent savings on selling, general, and administrative expenses

Inclusive of:

  • Administrative supplies and services
  • Telecommunications, including services and bill pay audit
  • Procurement cards
  • Facilities services
  • IT, including products, services, and audit
  • Professional services
  • Tax recovery

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