Start your deal off strong with M&A strategy services

Whether you’re dealing with a merger, acquisition, recapitalization, or divestiture or are forming an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), our team can help you handle the details, sort through the challenges, and maximize value.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the deal is in the details – and whether this is your first M&A or your hundredth, it can be overwhelming right from the start. How do you know what will matter to potential buyers or sellers? Our M&A strategy services team is here to help. We can walk you through the process with a buyer’s or seller’s mindset, helping you identify challenges, address issues, and put your best foot forward.

It’s easy to let your M&A get bogged down in the details – our team can help you get a running start

Our M&A strategy services team works with you before you go to market to evaluate the details, address issues, and manage concerns along the way.

Maybe you’ve found another business or product line that would add value to your own. Whether we’re augmenting your internal corporate development team or providing expertise that you might not have internally, our team can help. We work with you to vet your M&A strategy, analyze the business, and assess market conditions.

We offer a responsive and flexible approach that can help you mitigate risk and maximize value.

Maybe you’ve worked hard to build a business as your future financial security and your legacy. We’ve been there, and we’ll tell you if we think a transaction doesn’t meet your goals. If it does, we can help you define your M&A strategy, evaluate your business, and prepare for due diligence.

Navigate through the entire life cycle of your M&A
Our transaction services team can help you throughout the process.

Ways we can help 

Whether you’re buying or selling, your needs are unique. Our team can offer support throughout the entire transaction process, or we can meet specific needs for particular aspects of your transaction.

Buy side

Buy side

When you’re considering an acquisition, you have specific goals, and we have developed a proprietary filtering process to evaluate a targeted acquisition quickly and completely, determining how it might help add scale, reduce costs, gain technology, or increase market share for your business. Our buy-side advisory team can support you during all phases of the acquisition process with a variety of services.

  • M&A strategy development
  • Target screening and selection
  • Targeted buy-side searches
  • Letter of intent development
  • Management of diligence processes
  • Transaction negotiation and consummation support
  • Dynamic financial modeling
  • Post-close transaction support

Sell side

Sell side

No two transactions are the same – which is why, at Crowe, we don’t just pull a plan off the shelf. Powered by our extensive experience and supported by our deep knowledge, our team can help you negotiate and structure a transaction based on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end transaction support or require assistance in just a few areas, we offer a variety of sell-side services.

  • Assessment of company operations
  • Strategic plan review including analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Competitive positioning and industry analyses
  • Industry trend evaluations and capital markets analyses
  • Financial projections review and challenge of assumptions
  • Assistance in identifying prospective acquirers
  • Preparation of offering materials
  • Procurement of appropriate confidentiality agreements from prospective acquirers
  • Evaluation of proposals
  • Transaction negotiation and consummation support
  • Due diligence preparation, guidance, and responses
  • Post-close transaction support
  • Data room development and management

Additional M&A services

Our team offers a complete suite of M&A services to help you through the entire life cycle of your event. Here are just some of our other M&A-related services.

Due diligence
Due diligence is essential in every transaction. We can work with you to harness the data, locate issues, find solutions, and help keep your deal on track.
Due diligence
Get the expertise you need to help manage the details of your valuation, with a time-tested management approach.
Business combination accounting
The earlier you can determine the accounting during an acquisition, the better – and our experienced team is here to help.
Business combination accounting
M&A integration
Our M&A integration team can help you fully optimize your company’s value, provide functional integration support, and assist with the transition once your deal has closed.
M&A integration

Work with us

Drawing on deep knowledge across a wide range of industries and extensive M&A experience, our team can help companies maximize the value of their transactions through our proven, relationship-based M&A advisory method.

  • We listen carefully to truly understand your goals. 
  • We provide objective facts on your transaction and options. 
  • We collaborate closely with your internal teams. 
  • We holistically consider the details, including defining and vetting your M&A strategy, analyzing and evaluating the business, assessing market conditions, preparing for and executing due diligence, conducting transaction tax planning, and consulting on post-closing transaction matters.

Contact us today to see how we can help you as you start your merger or acquisition and create a strategy to guide you throughout the process.

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