Technology Strategy and Architecture Services

We advice you in developing and executing technology strategies that drive exceptional business value.

Digital Transformation and Strategy

CROWE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND STRATEGY aims to support middle-market companies develop and execute sustainable digital transformation strategies. Our team is comprised of  industry specialists and solution architects who work with our clients to define transformational vision of a more efficient, more competitive enterprise.

Our Services consist of:

  • Evaluate digital readiness and IT alignment with business strategy
  • Creating  a roadmap that aligns with the existing business strategy
  • An executive report containing results of the diagnostic, opportunity portfolio and next steps
  • Identifying KPI candidates during discovery sessions
  • IPO and M/A technology assessment services 

Data Inteligence and Insights 

CROWE team of experts help companies create, manage, and apply data for all applications and processes. Whether automating tasks, running ERP reports, or integrating data from multi-system interfaces, our industry professionals are proficient in optimizing the way clients manage and derive value from data.

Our Services include:

  • Business discovery and creation of high value use cases for data visualization and reporting
  • Data assesment services - analyze which data can be used to drive ROI
  • Proof of concept services: Dashboard creation and definition 

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We deliver tech-driven transformations for our clients from digital strategy to designing and building business solutions.
Milos Markovic
Milos Markovic
Director Technology Services
Crowe RS Advisory d.o.o.