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Transaction Advisory Services

Our experienced transaction services team support a wide range of types of clients with their due diligence and buy-side requirements.

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 Due Diligence
Deal Structure Optimization
Post-M&A Integration
Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Advisory Services
 Due Diligence

Our experienced transaction services team support a wide range of types of clients with their due diligence and buy-side requirements, from banks and private equity firms to individuals and public or private companies.

We provide sell-side, buy-side, vendor and financing due diligence. We can help you analyze risks and opportunities in financials, operations, people and culture so you can make an informed decision regarding the proposed transaction. We can also investigate assets, capabilities, processes, and technologies.

Our due diligence process is tailored to your specific needs and generally includes the following elements.

  • Analysis of the quality of sustainable earnings and cashflow
  • Analysis of the quality of assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of working capital trends and requirements
  • Identification of internal control weaknesses
  • Assistance with related share or asset purchase agreements
Deal Structure Optimization

Crowe team provides advice to corporate clients, private equity or individual investors on structuring transactions, including financial, accounting and tax considerations and capital implications.

Post-M&A Integration

Crowe will help our clients achieve value through an effective Post-M&A Integrations.  Many merger and acquisition deals fail to achieve the results that were originally envisioned due to poorly executed integrations.

Crowe professionals support companies through M&A challenges and improve the likelihood of success. Our post-M&A integration professionals can assist strategic buyers and private equity groups to realize M&A value or M&A return on investment by helping to:

  • Set integration strategy
  • Identify financial and operational synergies
  • Manage communication and change
  • Develop detailed plans to address administrative and synergy targets

The post-M&A integration of processes and functional areas such as personnel, operations, and technology systems can also be complex.  Our integration team can diligently and skillful guide our clients through these challenges to achieve a successful outcome.

Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Advisory Services

Whether selling or buying a business, Crowe team support clients to maximize competition of transaction by clearly define the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA).

With a comprehensive approach, Crowe team helps clients to reach significant advantage in the deal process and works closely with client’s legal advisors to identify commercial issues early and ensure these are appropriately reflected in the SPA.

Crowe team support clients with:

  • accounting warranties and indemnities,
  • structuring the purchase price adjustment mechanism,
  • defining net asset or normal working capital targets,
  • accounting policies and definitions for the completion accounts,
  • a “Locked Box” mechanism.

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