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Improvement of business process in financial department
Interim management
Share service center
Power BI
Improvement of business process in financial department

The improvement of business processes under the responsibility of the finance function is carried out through an insight into internal documents, by organizing workshops and interviews with employees, as well as by analyzing already established processes and related internal control systems.

Crowe consultants can assist you with the reorganization of the entire finance sector which may include:

  • Analysis of the existing organizational structure in terms of division of responsibilities between different departments within the sector.
  • Analysis of the existing staff organization in the sense of the analysis of the existing systematization of jobs, occupation of jobs, division of responsibilities both in systematization and in practice.

Based on the conducted analyzes and identified deficiencies, our team makes recommendations for improving the organizational structure and arrangement along with drafts of proposed solutions. Our conclusions may also contain proposals for additional education of existing staff, periodic rotations in systematized workplaces, changes in the organizational structure, establishment of new functions and/or workplaces, etc.

Interim management

Interim management refers to the temporary provision of highly qualified and experienced management resources. The goal of temporary management is to bridge the lack of a certain position in the company, as well as to improve the process of reporting or financial management.

The benefits of interim management are: saving time, new skills and knowledge, independent management, flexibility, leading the projects where there is no in-house expertise, etc.

The interim roles that our consultants can offer you:

  • Financial manager / director,
  • Accountant,
  • Financial controller,
  • Credit controller,
  • Other roles in financial department.

We give our best when Clients need rapid solutions!

Share service center

Share service center (SSC) represents an independent organizational entity within the company that is profit-oriented, has its own resources and manages its own costs. The main goal of SSC is to provide joint services to related entities based on clearly defined processes and knowledge of their operations.

The SSC's primary focus is on providing support activities in finance, human resources, procurement and IT functions. Various studies have shown that moving these processes to a SSC can provide between 20% and 40% of total savings.

Crowe team can help you to: 

  • reduce your costs and increasing productivity. 
  • improve cooperation at the level of the entire company or group of legal entities and making decisions based on better information. 
  • combine best practices and technology to deliver quality services to employees across the company at the lowest possible cost. 
  • provide clearly and precisely defined processes or services that are adapted to the needs of different business units and their specificities. 
  • ensure a shorter time for duration of transaction processes. 
  • reduce potential risk in everyday business, increased transparency and business compliance.



Financial reporting is a crucial process for companies and represents the comprehensive review of monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial data to drive better business performance and results.

Companies often use outsourced financial management services for their financial reporting and analysis as the data and information is used by owners, investors, managers, employees, and even the Government when making decisions about the company.

Timely, understandable and comparable financial reports will enable you to better manage debt, make better financial decisions, monitor liquidity and plan future business ventures.

Crowe consultants can help you improve existing or establish new reports:

1. Manager reports 

  • Planning reports 
  • Budgeting reports, 

2. Financial reports 

  • Statutory and consolidated financial reports, 
  • Group report package, 
  • IFRS reports, 
  • US GAAP reports.

Improve your reporting by using reporting tools (see the next section).

Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft business intelligence tool specialized in data visualization. Power BI is the ideal tool for achieving better clarity in the large amount of data that modern organizations encounter every day. Through Power BI reports, the organization can be informed in real time about the key parameters of its business. 

Power BI offers: 

  • Data import/export, 
  • Summary overview of key business parameters, 
  • Granular analysis of key business parameters, 
  • Making different business scenarios, 
  • Time saving.


Soft4Lessee is software based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform that is used to calculate the effects of applying the accounting standard IFRS 16 - Leasing. The calculation of the effects of applying the accounting standard is done automatically, taking into account all the specifics that the leasing contract may contain.

If you have a significant amount of lease agreement, this is the right software for you.

Soft4Lessee offers:

  • Data import/export,
  • Leasing contract data management
  • Calculation of the lease liability and riht of use asset,
  • Calculation of first-time adoption effects of IFRS 16 Leases,
  • Managing lease modification and reassessments,
  • Handling of non-lease components,
  • Preparation of journal entries in general ledger with possible integration with your financial accounting software,
  • Reporting for IFRS 16 presentation and disclosures,
  • Reporting for budgeting purposes.

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