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RFGCO offers expert governance, risk, and compliance services to enhance decision-making, improve corporate governance, and manage diverse risks.
RFGCO strategically helps you and your company navigate through the complexities of risk management in the corporate world.

RFGCO: Transforming Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Empowering Sustainable Transformation

RFGCO specializes in transforming your company's governance, driving sustainable results. Our approach integrates a risk mindset into your decision-making processes, ensuring efficient compliance programs. With our deep expertise in governance, risk, and compliance, we keep our clients ahead with insights into emerging trends, industry benchmarks, and best practices.
Enhancing Corporate Governance
We assist clients in refining their processes to safeguard the interests of their diverse stakeholders.

Our team offers a combination of deep skills, practical technologies, and innovative tools to elevate your corporate governance.

Experienced Risk Professionals

Our global practice model is dedicated to recruiting experienced professionals in governance, risk, and compliance.
We employ a flexible and scalable approach, enabling clients to identify and prioritize key areas of need, and develop robust risk management strategies.

Thought Leadership in Practice

Our Global risk thought leaders, with backgrounds in Fortune 500 companies and Big Four firms, bring a wealth of knowledge to each project.

Our service delivery model emphasizes the role of our practice leaders in crafting and designing optimal solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.

The Ongoing Challenge of Business Improvement

Improving your business standing is a continuous effort. From strategic planning to corporate governance, risk management plays a crucial role in achieving excellence. In this endeavor, the stakeholders - shareholders, clients, and employees - play pivotal roles in realizing business goals. RFGCO is committed to creating solutions that benefit all teams, fostering a successful and enduring relationship.

 A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

We blend management discipline, innovative concepts, and best practices to assist in identifying your business risks and benchmarking your strategies against industry competitors. Our expertise covers a wide range of risks, including regulatory, fraud, operational, and financial risks.

 Whether your concerns are strategic, financial, compliance-related, technological, or about security and privacy, we manage them holistically. RFGCO's delivery model focuses on engaging our thought leaders in developing and designing the best solutions to meet your business needs.

How We Can Help You Through Risk Management Efforts:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance: Ensuring adherence to SOX regulations for financial practices and corporate governance.
  • Regulatory & Compliance: Navigating through various regulatory landscapes and ensuring compliance.
  • Internal Audit: Conducting thorough internal audits to assess and improve your organization's operations.
  • Information Technology (IT) Audit: Evaluating the effectiveness and security of IT systems and infrastructures.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment & Consultancy: Identifying potential fraud risks and providing expert consultancy to mitigate them.
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Implementing strategies and systems to prevent and detect money laundering activities.
  • Third-Party Risk: Assessing and managing risks associated with external vendors and partners.
  • Organizational Change: Guiding through organizational changes to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.
  • System Analysis & Design: Analyzing and designing systems for optimal performance and risk management.
  • Manual Preparation: Creating comprehensive manuals for procedures and policies.
  • Insurance Claim: Assisting with the preparation and management of insurance claims.
  • SOC 2 Type II Certification: Helping achieve SOC 2 Type II certification for information security.
  • Other Compliance Framework Certifications: Providing support for various other compliance framework certifications.