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With the ever-changing world, Crowe Philippines, emphasize the consistent demonstration of excellence in everything and professionalism in every situation. Led by its Managing Partner, Mr. Ramon F. Garcia, as well as its acclaimed partners, Crowe Philippines was able to carve its name in the accounting industry. From a rented apartment to having three (3) offices in the country—Cebu, Baguio, and its main office in Makati City—the firm is always ready to lend a hand, not just in tailoring realistic and effective solutions for client-specific queries but also in molding its people into being the best in their chosen field, enabling them to make valuable contributions.

Crowe Philippines offers extensive services in Audit, Tax, Risk, Advisory, and outsource. Now, with over 170 committed staff members displaying diverse expertise, the firm has provided quality services catering to a myriad of clients in different industries, from energy, transport and communications, to insurance, retail, and entertainment. One of the efforts of Crowe Philippines to continuously stay competitive in this strict industry includes exploring new horizons that allow its people to showcase their expertise, shedding light on new innovative insights and strategies.

Aside from exhibiting expertise and excellence, Crowe Philippines have been helping students with their personal growth, opening a world full of possibilities and opportunities. The challenging environment of the industry help the interns discover the key characteristics that will help them further kickstart their careers. Crowe Philippines fosters not only personal growth but also the establishment of a healthy and positive relationship with everyone. Like well-oiled gear, when everything and everyone works together for a shared purpose, it becomes easier to achieve success.

And for someone who’s on the lookout for the right company, the right question to ask is, “Among any other company, why should you be here at Crowe Philippines?”. There is no denying that there are other companies out there; however, there are a few reasons why choosing Crowe Philippines can be the best decision just yet. Despite the hustle and bustle of corporate life, the firm believes in living a balanced professional and personal life. While Crowe Philippines pays much attention to filtering and selecting the right people, every student with the determination has a fair chance of being chosen.

If you are a student looking for internship opportunities and wants to explore the public accounting industry, then Crowe Philippines, might just be the one for you. Put your learnings into application and be a part of a team that values your contribution. Crowe Philippines is here to train you. 

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