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Ramon F. Garcia & Company, CPAs: 

Offering unmatched expertise and integrity

Mark Louis F. Ferrolino, Special Features Writer
RFG Toast
Mr. Ramon F. Garcia, Managing Partner
Ramon F. Garcia & Company, CPAs (RFGCO) has come a long way since its establishment in 1981. From a firm founded by Ramon F. Garcia as a solo practice, RFGCO flourished into one of the country’s most prominent accountancy and consultancy firms of today. Although it already enjoys high credibility and reputation, it continues to challenge itself to be better, providing the best results for its clients across the business community. 

As a member of distinguished global accounting network Crowe Global, RFGCO holds a worldwide reputation in quality and service. It has an unmatched expertise in various areas of accounting and finance services, namely audit, tax, advisory, risk, and outsource.

“Our firm’s mission is to help and assist our clients’ business growth by applying Christian values and principles. We firmly believe that since God is an all-knowing God, the principles He laid down for the businesses to adopt will always work and will eventually result in sustainable growth. As such, we try to influence our clients by suggesting or recommending management principles that are biblically based without directly saying that such principles came from the bible,” RFGCO’s Managing Partner Ramon F. Garcia told BusinessWorld in an e-mail.

For almost four decades now, RFGCO has become instrumental to the success of many of its clients by contributing to the attainment of their business goals, maintaining the good relationship with their partners, and widening their market reach.

“In general, entities are concerned about their financial status and whether they are religiously complying with the various tax and other governmental compliances. Top management relies heavily on financial reports in their decision-making process. Thus, financial statements certified by an independent accountant becomes more credible and reliable and gives them more assurance that their basis of decision is accurate,” Mr. Garcia said.

“The higher the accuracy of the basis (facts and figures), the higher the probability that certain decisions are correct. Correct decisions result in consistent and sustainable growth,” he added, noting that this could not only avoid the high cost of non-compliance but also the penalties associated with erroneous payments as well as the costs of overpayments.

In many of its non-statutory engagements, RFGCO assists management in reviewing the results of clients’ operations and financial position. With the help of its skilled professional staff, it was able to pinpoint areas of improvements for its clients, such as what expenses can be reduced in relation to their operations and which products to be promoted given the product characteristics and contribution margin.

In most cases, RFGCO’s clients who listen to its suggestions showed tremendous improvements in their bottom line and product profitability. These clients were also able to save on unnecessary taxes and tax exposures through careful tax planning and proper review of this operations in relation to the applicable tax laws.

In terms of corporate rehabilitation, RFGCO also boasts a proven track record, wherein companies are able to turn around and be rehabilitated.

“Guided by the principle of integrity, professionalism, and excellence, we make the ordinary extraordinary in meeting clients’ expectations and in the submission of our deliverables,” Mr. Garcia said.

Meanwhile, RFGCO ensures that its professional staff remains updated in most — if not all — of the latest trends in accounting, audit, taxation, information technology, and digital economy, among others. Through various technical trainings and annual development programs, the knowledge, skills, and camaraderie of RFGCO’s staff are always being enhanced.

“In this way, we are able to share with our clients the various current developments which makes aware of those developments provided in order to develop competent and excellent professional staff and this gives them options to apply or consider these. This makes them dynamic and flexible in adjusting to the political, economic, business, and technological environment,” Mr. Garcia explained.

To further enhance the delivery of its services to its clients, RFGCO continues to fuel innovation within its operations. The company combines its industry specialization with data science, software developers, research, and marketing expertise to develop innovative technology that help clients streamline and effectively address complex processes.

“With the digital economy at hand, it is imperative that professional organization like ours be at the forefront to better deliver quality service to our clients,” Mr. Garcia said.

On top of these, RFGCO also conducts surveys among its clients to find out what needs to improve in its services. It has been actively attending to the needs of its clients not only locally but also internationally.

Japan Desk Relaunch

The firm has just relaunched its Japan Desk with a new Japanese Accounting Consultancy Firm partner, AGS Consulting Co., Ltd., to facilitate cross-border investments and deals making between Japanese and local companies.