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Crowe Horwath advances its audit practice with new, integrated technology

Crowe Insight Center for Audit transforms the audit process, further enhancing audit quality, workflow and communication

Crowe Insight_Spotlight image

CHICAGO (Aug. 10, 2016) – Crowe Horwath LLP, one of the largest public accounting, consulting and technology firms in the U.S., has launched its enhanced audit service delivery platform, Crowe Insight Center for Audit.   

Developed by the Crowe audit and technology teams, Crowe Insight™ leverages technology to further enhance audit quality, improve workflow and streamline communication throughout the audit process. The new approach simplifies the audit process, minimizes disruptions for clients, provides deeper insight into clients’ operations and enables auditors to spend more time on higher-risk areas. 

“Crowe Insight is a strategic next step in our ongoing efforts to transform the audit experience for our clients and our people,” said Mark Baer, managing partner of Crowe audit services. “This new platform resulted from a collaborative effort to innovate as we continuously seek ways to improve our processes and practices."

“It’s not just an investment in technology, but in our people as well,” added Baer. “Our people are excited about the tools and technology Crowe Insight offers, as well as the tremendous opportunities it offers them to do things differently in a collaborative, innovative way.”  

Crowe Insight provides the following benefits:


  • Focuses on the underlying transaction data that’s most important to financial reporting; and
  • Identifies errors, outliers and areas of risk earlier so they can be addressed sooner.


  • Produces an effective work flow and exchange of information, which enables teams to concentrate on areas of higher risk and other key issues;
  • Streamlines and enhances the data and document collection process;
  • Minimizes duplications, redundancy and omissions; and
  • Allows greater flexibility of data intake to help minimize disruption of client operations.


  • Optimizes resources by improving the audit process through enhanced, centralized communication and information sharing; and
  • Reduces confusion about work paper requests by creating a smooth exchange and tracking of information between an organization and its Crowe auditors.

“Forward-thinking firms, like Crowe, that can combine advanced technologies with deep specialized expertise are well-positioned to provide clients with a unique client experience,” said Baer. “Crowe Insight sets the stage for our ongoing development of and investment in advanced technologies, including cognitive learning and advanced data analytics capabilities, continuous auditing and other transformative applications to improve audit effectiveness.”

Crowe has a long-standing commitment to innovation, with a dedicated applied technology team that has been assisting clients with complex business issues for more than 20 years. The firm demonstrates this commitment with significant investments in new product development. Crowe Insight is just one example of the firm’s commitment to using innovation and technology to better serve its clients.   

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