Will you join the patient-first revolution?

| 6/13/2022
Will you join the patient-first revolution?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a healthcare mission, vision, or value statement that doesn’t say it puts the patient first. During the 2022 Crowe Revenue Cycle Virtual Symposium, held May 10, Brian Sanderson, a principal in Crowe healthcare consulting, gave an hourlong presentation challenging healthcare revenue cycle leaders to convert those statements into actions that truly do put patients first.

During his presentation, Sanderson asked attendees four questions intended to gauge their willingness to take the actions he described and join the patient-first revolution. The same four questions are listed below.

After you select and submit each of your answers, we’ll reveal how the symposium attendees answered the same question. Are you on the same patient-first revolution page as your peers?

How do your answers compare with those of the 2022 Crowe Healthcare Revenue Cycle Virtual Symposium attendees? Are you ready to put patients first at every step of your healthcare revenue cycle?

To go deeper on this topic, visit Sanderson’s patient-first revolution website.

You also can watch an on-demand recording of “The Patient-First Revolution” session.

And watch for our “Best of the 2022 Crowe Healthcare Revenue Cycle Virtual Symposium” for summaries of symposium sessions, presentation materials, and more.