The patient-first revolution


The evolution to a more consumer-responsible and digitally connected healthcare industry has fallen short in two fundamental areas: Patients do not have sufficient experience to manage their own medical care, and most patients want a guide for navigating the complexities of a healthcare system. This program follows the journey of Blanca, a working mother, who encounters frustration, kindness, and (eventually) comfort via a health system’s patient management organization. Hospitals have all the digital tools necessary to create brand loyalty for their patients’ lifetime medical journey, thereby creating more customer lifetime value for providers.

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Compare what has worked and what has not worked in patient management models through the years – and what can be part of the fifth-generation model, the patient management organization
  • Describe the struggles and frustrations of a typical patient’s family that can be addressed in a more empathetic and digitally connected way, thereby creating loyalty through a better patient experience
  • Define customer lifetime value – a retail-oriented term that has incredible applicability to healthcare patients and their desire for continuity and comfort
  • Identify five things to do immediately to commence the journey to becoming a patient management organization


Brian Sanderson, Principal, Healthcare Consulting, Crowe

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