Taxation of digital assets

Bringing clarity to complexity

Taxation of digital assets

Virtual currencies, NFTs, and other digital assets are a rapidly growing area of the global economy. While we’ve seen some legislation and guidance on how tax rules apply to digital asset transactions, many questions remain unanswered.

In this webinar recording, Crowe tax specialists discuss the current federal, state, and local tax landscape – and provide insights for analyzing and managing tax in the continually evolving environment of digital assets.


Highlights and headaches: Managing tax uncertainty around digital assets

With limited existing guidance from the IRS, many individuals and businesses are unaware of the various tax considerations and consequences of their transactions in crypto assets, NFTs, and various other digital assets. Join our tax specialists as they discuss the current landscape and provide insight into analyzing and managing the tax implications of these transactions in an ever-changing environment.

Presented by Trudie Kanter

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Identifying opportunities and avoiding surprises: Federal information reporting and SALT considerations for digital assets

Crypto continues to be an area with little tax guidance – both from a SALT perspective and for information reporting and withholding requirements. With increased interest in crypto as an investment and means of exchange, the associated tax and reporting requirements are beginning to evolve rapidly. Our tax specialists will discuss the current federal and SALT legislation and guidance regarding information reporting and withholding related to digital assets.

Presented by Rochelle Hodes, Marc Shayer, and Will Ault

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After watching this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify current tax rules and trends in digital assets
  • Describe the broad potential effects of recent digital asset tax legislative and regulatory developments on individuals and businesses
  • Recognize potential opportunities to reduce tax obligations and mitigate tax risk related to digital assets