Simplified contract management solution for public sector

Esteban Salinas, Brian Sutter
Simplified contract management solution for public sector

Anyone who works in a government agency is no stranger to working with vendors. Throw in state and local government budget increases, and the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the number of contracts and vendors that need to be managed increases.

As a result of these investments in the public, government agencies in California might have increased the number of small businesses they contract with, supporting the work of the California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA). Small businesses need support, often as a matter of survival. Yet even for the most experienced of teams, dealing with many grants, contracts, debts, vendors, and other moving parts, orchestrating it all can seem overwhelming.

Learn more with a 30-minute demo of our Crowe Contract Manager for public sector solution.

Crowe Contract Manager for public sector

Simplify your team’s workflow with vendors

Crowe Contract Manager for public sector simplifies working with vendors so contract, accounting, and administration teams are well supported throughout the entire contract life cycle. This contract management solution facilitates the entire contract management process in one place. It is built on Microsoft Power Platform™ software and is a part of the Crowe Government Hub, a suite of software solutions that allows the management of government operations on a single platform.

With Crowe Contract Manager for public sector, organizations can save time, reduce human error, and proactively manage contracts. It helps teams know when to take action and deal with current data, and it frees up spreadsheet time and standardizes closeout checklists.

Contract management is streamlined, and it helps reduce the time needed to get anything in the contract process reviewed and approved – including invoicing and project budget reporting once the contract is in place. No longer is there a need for snail mail, triplicate hard copies, and sign-offs waiting on someone’s desk or in their inbox. As a result, teams can be more efficient and vendors can get paid in a timelier manner. It’s a win-win.

Encompass the entire contract management life cycle

From contract initiation to contract closeout – and every step in between – Crowe Contract Manager resolves issues seen every day in public agencies related to tracking and managing contracts.

Encompasses the entire contract management life cycle - Crowe Contract Manager for publisc sector

Give vendors access to electronic timesheets

The ability to have vendors submit their invoices online is a game changer that can help simplify invoice management.

Vendors can enter their time into a Crowe Contract Manager for public sector portal rather than emailing or mailing their invoices. Teams can then manage everything in one place and automate the internal routing of vendor invoices. And once hours are approved, contract information will be instantly updated.

Manage the Budget Change Proposal process

Crowe Contract Manager for public sector even supports California’s Budget Change Proposal (BCP) process – a feature not generally found in other contract management solutions.

As agencies prepare to submit their BCPs, they can use Crowe Contract Manager for public sector to manage their internal processes for pulling the documents together. This solution can help assign tasks, set deadlines, send reminders, collect data, get electronic approvals, and automatically generate BCP documents. Once the BCP is approved, it then automatically becomes a funding source in the system to which agencies can link projects and contracts. Over time, as organizations build up a library of BCPs, they can refer back to them or use them as a template for a new proposal.

California agencies work hard every day for the more than 39 million people who call the Golden State home. They don’t have time for antiquated systems that are difficult to manage. With cloud technology solutions like the Crowe Contract Manager for public sector, agencies can simplify workflows and save time tracking and managing public sector contracts.

Save time, reduce human error, and manage contracts better

If your agency is ready to move forward and do more with less, visit the Crowe Contract Manager for public sector page to learn more. You can also contact us for a 30-minute demo of our unique contract management solution for help managing contracts in California.

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