What is NetSuite OpenAir?

Adnan Patel
| 9/1/2021
What is NetSuite OpenAir, and how can it help my business

How can NetSuite OpenAir help your business run more efficiently?

NetSuite OpenAir lets you manage every step of your projects

NetSuite OpenAir is a professional services automation software designed to track your projects from beginning to end. It offers powerful tools to manage and allocate resources, track expenses, bill clients, and customize reports.

With NetSuite OpenAir, everything is in the cloud so that you can update project statuses on the go from the mobile app or on an internet browser.

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NetSuite OpenAir easily integrates with your other NetSuite solutions

Having all your data accessible anywhere and in the same place makes for a more efficient business. You save time looking in multiple spreadsheets across different platforms, giving you time to grow your business and helping maintain a high rate of project completion.

With NetSuite OpenAir, your employees can track their time and expenses, allowing for a smooth approval process with less non-billable time spent. You’ll have the tools to manage project budgets and allocate resources more efficiently. This gives you a more accurate forecast of resources and revenue.

Give your clients access to project status updates, so they stay informed on the project’s progress and feel a sense of inclusion. This helps maintain customers and grow your business.

You’ll have access to a project database so you can track your processes and overhaul them if necessary. NetSuite OpenAir has powerful diagnostic tools so you can stay on the cutting edge of your industry.

NetSuite OpenAir’s customizable dashboard puts the data and metrics you access most frequently at your fingertips right when you open the app. The reports you run will also be tracked using predictive report searching so you spend less time looking for the right report.

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NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite OpenAir resource management

Managing your resources intelligently means larger margins and higher rates of project completion. With NetSuite OpenAir’s resource management tools, you can track your employees’ strengths, experience, rates, availability, and interests in one place. You can also automate resource allocation based on individual project needs. This includes financial management tools that take away the need to manually calculate project cost in multiple spreadsheets.

Project managers can update availability on the go, or individual users can update their schedules and profiles as the members of your team learn and grow.

In addition to the project management library, NetSuite OpenAir has a resource management library to help with resource management best practices. It can also help calculate your resource utilization to show you where your allocation of resources may be inhibiting the bottom line.

Managing expenses is also an important part of every project, and NetSuite OpenAir allows you to track expenses accurately, so no time is wasted assigning expenses to projects or clients. Expenses can be tracked online in a web browser, or on the go in the mobile app.

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