NetSuite customizations

A user’s guide

Marinka Rohlffs, Jai Kumar Verma
| 12/21/2022
NetSuite customizations: A user’s guide

Looking for info on NetSuite customizations? You’ve come to the right place.

NetSuite is an incredibly powerful platform – but sometimes it takes more than the standard features to accomplish goals. Companies that want functionality not available in NetSuite’s normal package can look into NetSuite customizations.

These customizations extend NetSuite’s capabilities and help companies automate more processes than they have been able to in the past – which allows them to solve challenges they might not normally be able to solve. The customizations also help companies embed their own business rules into NetSuite, reducing data entry errors, order processing times, and time taken with user training and onboarding.

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The two different types of NetSuite customizations are functional customizations and technical customizations.

Here are the differences and when to use each type:

Functional customizations

Functional customizations can be done inside of the user interface of NetSuite, simply by pointing and clicking. No code is needed.

A great example of a popular functional NetSuite customization is a workflow. Approval workflows can be based on different levels of supervisors, different departments, cost centers, or specific dollar amounts.

Custom fields, forms, PDF layouts, and more also can be added.

Examples of when a functional NetSuite customization would be helpful:

Example 1: A functional customization might be an automation that approves transactions from email entry rather than requiring entry directly into NetSuite.

Example 2: For better reporting, a functional customization might allow notification via email with access to needed reports such as profit and loss statements by segments. Or a notification might be created to send alerts that a sales discount will expire in 30 days. Team members can get what they need to see, without worrying someone will forget to send it.

Technical customizations

Technical customizations involve scripting or auto-programming to integrate NetSuite with other systems.

Such NetSuite customizations might be appropriate for integrating or connecting with a third party – for instance, a third-party fulfillment center.

Technical customization also would be required for bringing an automation to NetSuite from another system.

Examples of when a technical customization would be helpful:

Example 1: A technical NetSuite customization could allow teams to send orders to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider and have the 3PL provider fulfill those orders and send back information like tracking information. For an inventory-based company with a warehouse, working without this integration is likely time-consuming, frustrating, and labor-intensive.

Example 2: If a company offers special programs that entitle customers to certain discounts or shipping guarantees based on purchase history, a technical customization can determine and apply those incentives in real time.

Example 3: It can be very helpful to have systems talk to each other. With the right technical customization, NetSuite can be connected to other systems so they can send data back and forth.

What difficulties might occur with a NetSuite customization?

Users should be aware of some common customization pitfalls. But it is possible to know what they are and how to sidestep them.

Pitfall 1: Cost

Most solutions involve one-time costs. Often companies will sign up for something that looks cheaper on the front end but has recurring yearly costs. Be wary of signing up for a continual bill.

Pitfall 2: Scalability of the solution

A solution might look scalable from the outset, but is it scalable enough to make changes when they are needed? Teams should do the research and try to make sure they are building for the future.

Pitfall 3: Not considering other scenarios

Try to uncover all the scenarios that might be affected by the solution and consider how it could impact other departments and existing solutions. Teams should make sure they understand each process that touches the new solution to make sure they won’t be negatively affected.

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