Maximize profits with staffing process simplification

| 9/14/2023
Maximize profits with staffing process simplification

While staffing agencies provide services that are fulfilling, working with small margins, fluctuating labor costs, and tedious billing practices can make profitability a challenge.

And when cash flow is everything, business are under a lot of pressure to get processes right.

In the staffing industry, where people are the backbone of every business, relying on technology to solve big problems seems counterintuitive.

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Automate your people’s best practices

Staffing agencies are critical to the economy. Without their work, manufacturers, law firms, accounting agencies, and many other organizations across industries would struggle to function.

But staffing agencies can fail to keep up with client needs when they don’t take advantage of emergent technologies. Rather than having the freedom to focus on more strategic efforts, agency employees might find themselves performing repetitive, manual, and mundane tasks. In a people-centric industry, devoting critical resources to tasks that could be easily automated seems like a waste of time and talent.

As a NetSuite Solution Provider, Crowe has worked alongside staffing agencies for years to implement NetSuite solutions that automate their manual tasks and turn their people’s best practices into agencywide processes.

Maximize profits with Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite

NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are designed to streamline everyday processes, combine multiple databases into one system, and increase transparency across an organization. To make this solution as effective as possible, we combined its powerful capabilities with our experience implementing ERP solutions for staffing agencies to build a solution tailored to the unique challenges of the staffing industry: Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite.

With functionality built on NetSuite software, Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite helps streamline specific staffing processes and simplify contractor and commission rate calculations and incentive plans. The technology also helps maximize profits by increasing the accuracy of data recall and speeding up the customer and vendor billing process.

Stay flexible

Many agencies worry that locking into larger technological systems will make them less flexible as the industry or their business changes, but Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite is built for flexibility.

Get more efficient

Despite current systems and processes, many staffing agencies still work within tight margins. Each incentive structure update requires manual changes down the line that take time and cost money. But if a team member could make an update once and all subsequent processes automatically fell into place, the resulting cost savings could be significant.

NetSuite consulting services

We can help you set up an NetSuite ERP solution specifically for wholesale distribution.

Crowe has already developed several solutions for the NetSuite platform to address the challenges and barriers to growth for our wholesale distributor clients. We can do it for you, too, in less time than you might expect.

NetSuite consulting services

Simplify your staffing processes

It is possible to ease the pressure that comes with tight margins in the staffing industry. Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite and Crowe specialists help agencies discover which processes are best simplified through automation. With support from Crowe, agencies can focus on people over processes and profitability over inefficiency.

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