Gain a competitive advantage with NetSuite CRM

Steven Parker, Raj Srinivasan
| 6/7/2023
Gain a competitive advantage with NetSuite CRM

Growing businesses require solutions that can keep up with their expanding operations and make internal processes run more smoothly.

At the same time, sales teams need to manage their growing prospect and customer lists.

Pertinent customer information is often misplaced and dispersed, and it’s not always updated. As leads become prospects and prospects become customers, business operations teams need to align with sales representatives in the field. A cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help connect these dots.

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NetSuite CRM manages the entire customer life cycle

The NetSuite CRM platform is an extension of the NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The NetSuite CRM provides sales and support teams with access to the most critical information about their customers. It also provides an updated, singular view of every lead, prospect, and customer – no matter who is viewing the account.

When a lead is inputted, the information is populated throughout the entire system. Salespeople can then update the account based on each touchpoint so that sales, marketing, finance, and leadership know where the lead is in the process. From there, teams can use the system to send awareness or thank you emails, update product and shipping information, and automate payments.

The NetSuite CRM offers insight that gives sales teams a competitive advantage over other businesses that rely on manual processes to stay in contact with prospects.

3 ways a NetSuite CRM provides users with a competitive advantage

3 ways a NetSuite CRM provides users with a competitive advantage

A lot of work goes into nurturing a customer relationship, and deciding to trust a technology platform over a salesperson to manage that process can feel risky. But in many cases, current platforms don’t allow the sales team to develop customer relationships further because team members have to spend time managing data.

Streamlined processes and operations help create a better experience for customers, and the following three benefits give businesses an advantage over their competitors.


Many CRMs are standalone systems that might or might not work with other business systems. But the NetSuite CRM is fully integrated with the NetSuite ERP for a single data source that allows leadership, sales, marketing, and finance to work collaboratively.

For example, a salesperson can see whether a particular product has been shipped or delivered because of the integration of the NetSuite CRM with the NetSuite ERP. Knowing where a product is located gives the salesperson the option to check in with customers to let them know that an item is on its way or to confirm satisfaction upon delivery.

Not every business has this immediate ability to connect with its customers. These real-time updates and touchpoints help sales teams give customers a sense of confidence they might not find elsewhere.


Manual inputs for leads, prospects, or customers could become problematic if a business takes weeks or even months to move through the sales cycle. The NetSuite CRM populates information in relevant categories across the system from the moment the information is entered.

Salespeople are only human – they can forget to update a contact’s email address in every document or fail to mark a sale as complete, resulting in a customer receiving emails, calls, or mailers that are confusing and bothersome. With the NetSuite CRM, a salesperson can update information quickly and conveniently across the entire system from a desktop or mobile device to make sure customers are getting the best possible experience.

While competitors might make repeat phone calls about an offering to the same person or accidentally send cold emails to warm leads based on outdated information, businesses that take advantage of automated processes with up-to-date information can offer customers a more organized, capable, and thoughtful experience. The NetSuite CRM provides a seamlessly integrated flow of information across the customer life cycle – from lead management through opportunity, sales order, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support.


The integration with NetSuite ERP and automation capabilities of the NetSuite CRM offers a visibility that simply isn’t available through standard disjointed systems. The NetSuite CRM is the only cloud solution that provides a real-time, 360-degree view of customers and prospects. This interconnectedness optimizes processes and gives unparalleled insight that allows for better decision-making.

For example, during implementation, roles are set up so that team members can see everything important to their position. However, they still have access to other information if needed. Leadership might have specific dashboards based on current performance, but if they wanted to see the outcome if each salesperson sold just one more item, they could make those adjustments within the system and act accordingly.

Some leadership teams might push sales to sell more just because the dollars and cents add up. But with insight into the entire sales process in one place, leaders might find that a slight adjustment to current methods increases the bottom line as well as efficiency for their team.

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NetSuite consulting services

Better performance and more efficient processes

On top of operational and process improvements that come with an automated CRM platform, businesses can more easily plan for the future. The NetSuite CRM gathers and displays data in dashboards that can be adjusted for more accurate forecasting and reporting – something manual platforms (and people) have a difficult time efficiently recreating.

NetSuite platforms help put the most important information at the fingertips of decision-makers and users for a more comprehensive experience for businesses and their customers. Rather than keeping internal operations and sales tasks separate, businesses can implement the NetSuite CRM in tandem with the NetSuite ERP solution. Crowe specialists can guide leadership and end users through the entire process from implementation to launch to ongoing support.

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Raj Srinivasan