5 benefits of ERP software for wire and cable companies

Andrew O. Callaghan, Eric Bunner
| 6/29/2022
5 benefits of ERP software for wire and cable companies

At a time of great uncertainty in the world, the metals industry continues to offer stability, quality, and service. From the delicate wires used in medical procedures to the sturdy cables holding up bridges, wire and cable companies deliver quality products and improve lives worldwide.

But having that kind of impact is not straightforward, and if recent times are any indication, it’s not getting easier.

Dealing with constant volatility, fluctuating commodities, and customers changing demands can be a significant challenge.

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Outdated technology just isn’t cutting it

What needs to be accomplished with technology is not simple in the wire and cable world. Processes are complex, and products require precision. That means companies need technology that can offer foundational business functions and specific processes for wire and cable needs, but that’s not always possible with outdated technology.

Can new technology really take wire and cable companies into a strong and sustainable future? And even more important, is any enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specific to wire and cable company needs? 

Determine if it’s time for a technology upgrade to get these benefits of ERP software for wire and cable companies:

1. Confidently manage price volatility with metals sales analytics

The stakes are too high to be guessing when it comes to margins and profitability, but the fluctuating prices of copper, aluminum, and special alloys can be a real challenge. Unfortunately, outdated technology can be a barrier to providing accurate and competitive pricing. 

With a metals-specific ERP system, built-in metals sales analytics can offer up-to-date information to help leaders make confident decisions. For example, access to a real-time dashboard with copper or aluminum prices across indexes such as the London Metal Exchange, CME Group, and others can help with updating multiple sales and purchase orders.

2. Easily control inventory and customer-specific requirements

Wire and cable companies already face numerous complexities in the production process, but managing inventory can be equally challenging. Customers’ requirements are specific and diverse, and keeping up with inventory can feel like a losing battle when technology can’t offer detailed and up-to-date information.

Thankfully, a metals-specific ERP solution can help companies optimize inventory across multiple locations, regardless of the product size, diameter, length, coating, or construction.

3. Maximize materials and increase profitability

Leading wire and cable companies are figuring out ways to maximize every piece of metal available to them, but it’s not easy. It can require complex calculations and valuable time without innovative technology to help. 

The good news is that modern technology provides a solution to do the hard work. It has visibility to the original specification of raw material as well as other customer specifications the material can conform to. As a result, companies can make the most of on-hand inventory and move it where it’s needed to meet customer demand.

4. Stay ahead of what’s happening on the shop floor

Production planning and real-time updates are essential to customers. If a company’s technology can’t help efficiently plan or offer real-time production updates, valuable time can be wasted trying to figure it out – while frustrated customers wait.

Metals-specific technology can allow companies to offer real-time production updates to customers and help with production planning. It can help plan, sequence, and execute, including calculating spool capacity and feet per minute based on resource, alloy, and diameter.

5. Experience peace of mind with quality management

It often takes multiple materials and items to manufacture cable, and each material requires its own certification and test report. Tracking numerous materials and providing certification for the final product can be a complex headache if technology can’t create and trace specific requirements for every item.

Metals-specific technologies can offer integrated quality checks on specifications such as tensile strength, break strength, and proof load and can be tailored to customer needs and regulatory requirements. In addition, heat traceability is possible throughout the entire production process to offer peace of mind.

Does ERP software for wire and cable companies exist?

Leading ERP systems do not always have functionality specific to wire and cable. So Crowe has built an end-to-end metals ERP solution that works for wire and cable companies – the Crowe Metals Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365™.

Our decades of experience in the metals industry have enabled us to craft an ERP solution built specifically for metals companies. Schedule a demo today, and let us show you how it can work for your wire and cable company.

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