Mature your integrated risk management program in ServiceNow

Jay Reid, Jay Mayfield
Mature your integrated risk management program in ServiceNow

A Crowe Express Deployment approach might be the best way to improve IRM program maturity.

Solid integrated risk management (IRM) programs help organizations make better business decisions by offering a comprehensive scope of their risks. But if an organization’s IRM programs lack maturity, it might also be lacking full visibility into its risk, which could lead to poor decision-making for the business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Some organizations implement an IRM program that seems to meet their needs at first, but with continued updates, ongoing maintenance can be crippling. These businesses might wish to start back at square one.

Alternatively, if an organization currently uses ServiceNow® and is not taking advantage of the IRM capabilities, it might want to quickly and affordably stand up an IRM solution. An entire IRM program does not have to be implemented at once.

Let’s dive into a few reasons an IRM program within ServiceNow could be the way to go.

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1. Automate manual processes.

IRM teams put a lot of their efforts into creating spreadsheets to manually track a multitude of information. It might be impossible to know for sure who has access to these spreadsheets and who is entering information, which can leave organizations open to greater risk of human error. In addition, teams can become bogged down by these tedious, manual processes, which means businesses could be losing out on a lot of time and money.

Crowe, with ServiceNow’s industry-leading IRM platform, can help organizations transition their complex, large-touch processes to automated workflows, giving them better visibility into who has access to each process. And they will be able to assign tasks all in one location – improving efficiency and productivity.

2. Make better decisions with reporting and alerts.

Comprehensive reporting and alerts are crucial to strong decision-making. When a team is made aware of possible risks in real time, it is able to stay proactive and continue to improve processes to protect the organization from threats.

In other programs, reporting might be delayed – alerting team members to incidents that already have occurred. If a team is not properly alerted, the business could be negatively affected.

With Crowe and enhanced ServiceNow notifications, teams can receive automated alerts, making it easier for them to escalate any possible concerns and come out stronger on the other side.

3. Provide a simple, intuitive interface to execute tasks.

IRM and front-line teams have a lot of responsibilities in managing risk. When tasks are escalated on disjointed systems, it can be even more difficult to keep track of them.

Crowe provides intuitive dashboards that a team can access all in one location. Teams can track progress on tasks and assign them in real time. IRM team members can have more confidence in successfully managing risk when they have full ownership over their tasks.

Back to basics

It can seem overwhelming to implement a new IRM program that meets the needs of a growing business. Organizations need a solution that can grow with them and can be implemented at their desired pace.

Crowe has solutions built on ServiceNow to help businesses take the first step in maturing their IRM program. From vulnerability response to audit management, Crowe can help organizations get to the next level, depending on their goals and priorities.

ServiceNow has comprehensive out-of-the-box IRM program solutions that are low cost and quick to implement with a Crowe Express Deployment implementation.

We know ServiceNow inside and out. Let us help you get started.

At Crowe, we have years of experience implementing the ServiceNow Security Operations solution to fit many changing needs over time. We are excited to walk alongside you in your security journey with ServiceNow.
Jay Reid
Jay Reid
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