Your Must-Do Checklist from the 2019 Crowe Healthcare Summit

| 12/10/2019
Your Must-Do Checklist From the 2019 Crowe Healthcare Summit

The 2019 Crowe Healthcare Summit, held Sept. 16-19 in Dallas, offered almost 30 hours of continuing professional education opportunities for finance, net revenue, and revenue cycle leaders.

Twenty boot camps, 15 roundtable discussions, 14 breakout sessions, seven Crowe Blue Sky 360 innovation lab sessions, and three keynote sessions kept the 400 attendees busy.

In case you missed some of the most important takeaways, we put together a checklist of what we believe are crucial questions and must-dos for you and your healthcare organization to enjoy continued success in 2020 and the next decade.

 Have you planned and budgeted for continuing professional education opportunities in 2020 in your area of healthcare financial expertise or a related area of healthcare finance?
To get motivated, watch the webcast of the opening keynote session, “Nurture Your Network: Upskill. Connect. Grow.


 Do your department and staff have the right mix of skill sets and competencies to move your financial operations to a cloud-based platform within the next five years?
Watch the webcast of the second day’s keynote session, “Redefining Healthcare Organizations in the Digital Economy,” to understand why it’s important to start thinking about that now.


 Does your hospital or health system have a robust clinical risk assessment program in place, and is that program integrated with the internal audit team?
Watch the webcast of a summit breakout session presentation, “Top Care Delivery Risks That Could Jeopardize Your Organization,” that identifies top care delivery risks and the best ways to mitigate those risks.


 Does your hospital or health system have a robust access management program in place to protect the privacy and security of patient health information and critical business and financial data?
Download the summit breakout session presentation “Top Information Technology Risks That Could Jeopardize Your Organization” to learn the primary components of an effective access management program and how to execute such a program.


 Does your department use effective data visualization techniques to identify patterns and trends in your financial data and to easily explain those patterns and trends to senior management at your hospital or health system?
If not, see the summit breakout session presentation “Simplifying Data Analysis Through Visualization,” which features case studies from three leading health systems.


 Does your department have a consistent and accurate approach to explaining net revenue variances and their root causes?
Learn how three leading health systems do it by watching the webcast of “Month-End Reporting: Precision and Analytics,” a summit breakout session on month-end reporting best practices.


 Is your department preparing to use new technologies powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate bad debt and charity care reporting, net revenue analysis, and claim denial management?
Learn why you should prepare to use the new technologies by watching the webcast of a summit breakout session, “RCA Product Showcase,” presenting new revenue cycle analytics products.


 Is your hospital or health system using recognized key performance indicators at each of the three phases of your revenue cycle – patient access, clinical revenue management, and patient financial services – to measure and improve revenue cycle performance?
Watch the webcast of a summit breakout session, “An Overview of Revenue Cycle Functional Areas and the Impact on Net Revenue,” to find out how two leading health systems continuously evaluate their revenue cycle performance.


 Does your hospital or health system have a formal program or established communications protocols to facilitate regular and productive conversations between the revenue cycle department and the finance department?
Finance and net revenue leaders from four leading health systems shared their communications strategies at a summit breakout session presentation. Watch the “Are You Speaking My Language?” webcast to learn their secrets.


 Does your hospital or health system have an effective program in place to mitigate the clinical, financial, and compliance risks of its pharmacy operations?
Locate possible holes in your pharmacy operations and find out how to plug them. View the breakout session “Top Operational Risks That Could Jeopardize Your Organization.”


Did you check all the boxes? If not, you and your healthcare organization may not be prepared for those challenges and a host of new financial challenges likely to come your way in the decade ahead.

To learn more about moving your organization in the right direction, please download “The Best of the 2019 Crowe Healthcare Summit” e-book.

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