Who Said It Best at the 2020 Crowe Healthcare Virtual Symposium?

Who Said It Best at the 2020 Crowe Healthcare Virtual Symposium?

The 2020 Crowe Healthcare Virtual Symposium featured eight educational sessions and kicked off the From the Frontlines podcast series led by more than a dozen subject-matter specialists.

We’ve collected the top key insights you’ll want to remember from this year’s program and notable speakers. These insights support the theme of this year’s virtual symposium: “foundational changes to shape our future.” The way healthcare will be and should be done tomorrow will be powered by fundamental changes in the way healthcare is done today, and that includes how you do your job. 

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1. From the Frontlines: Data Use and Protection*

“Data security protection needs to be built into any new health information technology or new medical technology. It can’t be something you add on the back end after you go live and start collecting data.”
– Jared Hamilton, Crowe LLP

2. Getting Revenue Cycle and Finance Teams on the same Playbook 

“Having consistency in the data that you’re looking at, having the right set of eyes on that data, and ensuring that you’re all referring to one common source of truth will help keep you out of trouble.”
– Mike Nelson, Universal Health Services

3. From the Frontlines: Top Concerns and Opportunities for CFOs*

“In today’s healthcare setting, it is critical that multimillion-dollar decisions use data and performance analytics versus subjective judgment to maintain financial sustainability.”
– Warren Beck, Crowe LLP

4. From the Frontlines: The Three Horizons of the Digital Economy*

“It’s all about automation. But before you can automate, you first have to harness the power of your data. And the way you harness the power of your data is through a platform.”
– Dan Gautschi, Crowe LLP

5. Business Intelligence: Embedding Performance Analytics into Every Aspect of Your Business

“Saying that you want to govern your data is not enough. You need codified and enforced rules that everyone in your organization decides on together.”
– C.J. Knapp, Crowe LLP

6. From the Frontlines: Emerging Technologies on the Healthcare System Roadmap

“The fastest way to explain the new information blocking rule is that it’s sort of like a bookend to HIPAA. Whereas HIPAA defines when you get in trouble for sharing something that you weren’t supposed to, the information blocking rule is going to define when you get in trouble for not sharing something that you were supposed to.”
– John Kansky, Indiana Health Information Exchange

7. Your Journey to Automation Starts with These Four “Must-Do’s”

“The only way that you’re going to successfully manage this type of new work environment with a mix of tasks done by humans only, humans and machines, and machines only is by adopting a command center mentality that oversees everything.
– Brian Sanderson, Crowe LLP

8. Top Pain Points in Daily Cash Balance Reconciliation

“There are multiple benefits to performing reconciliation daily. Not only does it take less time at the end of the month to sign off on your cash balances, but if there’s a problem or reconciliation issue, it gives you time to resolve that issue prior to month-end.”
– Tracey Coyne, Crowe LLP

9. Healthcare Transformation: Aligning Risk Management with Performance Goals and Objectives 

“We need to work together to find ways to reduce the manual tasks throughout the internal audit process so we can accelerate risk identification.”
– Dan Yunker, Crowe LLP

10. Shaping the Future of RCA 

We really want all the information you need to be at your fingertips so you can spend more time doing your analysis and less time clicking buttons.”
- Bryan Rector, Crowe LLP

11. Business Intelligence: Embedding Performance Analytics into Every Aspect of Your Business 

“We want to create something that’s more than just interesting. We want to create something that has application in the real world so it can actually drive initiatives and revenue cycle improvement.”
– Alex Garrison, Crowe LLP 

12. From the Frontlines: Data Use and Protection in Healthcare*

“You need to have continuous visibility into whether your data is secure and being protected. Bad things are going to happen. There’s no silver bullet. But if you have that visibility, you can catch a problem early before it gets worse.”
– Glen Combs, Crowe LLP

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