The state of healthcare revenue cycle performance management

| 2/10/2021
The state of healthcare revenue cycle performance management

It’s no secret that many revenue cycle leaders are overwhelmed with data and underwhelmed with methods that can convert data into actionable insights. This infographic, based on attendee polls taken during a recent webinar on the Crowe Performance Integrity solution for healthcare, illustrates the extent of the challenges and points to a powerful automated solution.

Challenge: Finding versus fixing

Healthcare revenue cycle leaders should be spending most if not all of their time rectifying revenue cycle performance issues at their organizations. Instead, they spend a lot of time looking for problems rather than fixing them.

Challenge: Dashboard fatigue

A multitude of dashboards exist that present myriad revenue cycle data points. Dashboards can be great tools, but a lot of time is required to click into, sift through, and absorb the most important information that leaders need immediately.

Challenge: Lack of meaningful benchmarks

Revenue cycle leaders might know where their hospital, health system, or medical practice stands against its own historic revenue cycle performance measures. But absent any meaningful benchmarks from peer organizations, it’s difficult for leaders to know how much progress is possible.

Challenge: Tracking project progress and success

Is it working? Did it work? Senior leadership will ask these questions after their organization has invested in various initiatives to improve revenue cycle performance. But many revenue cycle leaders don’t have the answers – because initiatives are disconnected from data.

Four challenges. One answer: the Crowe Performance Integrity solution for healthcare.

  • Focus more on solving revenue cycle performance issues.
  • Receive intelligence-driven alerts in high-priority revenue cycle areas.
  • Compare performance with meaningful benchmarks from peer organizations.
  • Link all performance-improvement initiatives to specific metrics.
Learn more about how the Crowe Performance Integrity solution can help automate your healthcare organization’s revenue cycle performance management.

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