9 reasons why you need the Crowe Hive

By Andrew S. Holloway
| 7/28/2020
9 reasons why you need the Crowe Hive

The dynamic field in which today’s healthcare professionals work is full of promise and opportunity, but it also presents innumerable complex challenges. In a “do-more-with-less” environment, healthcare leaders make strategic decisions daily that have long-term impact on the financial well-being of their organizations. But how can they most efficiently gather all of the pertinent data points to make the most informed decisions while balancing every other variable of their busy workday?

What if a deeply specialized community of healthcare peers was available to help solve problems collaboratively, share insights based on past experiences, and provide guidance and support? What if an opportunity existed to learn how other organizations in the field are addressing the most pertinent industry issues and challenges? The Crowe Hive network was created to do just that.

This online community of nearly 800 members is designed to help leaders help each other as they tackle challenges in the areas of revenue cycle, net revenue, reimbursement, operations, internal audit, compliance, and more. Crowe Hive members can serve as consultants to each other, navigating daily work challenges and sharing innovations.

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Following are nine reasons why today’s healthcare leaders need the Crowe Hive:

1. To connect with peers

The Crowe Hive’s group of approximately 800 members comprises nearly 100 executives, including vice president roles and higher; 150 directors of revenue cycle, finance, internal audit, and other areas; 300 managers; and nearly 250 analysts. Regardless of their role or level, healthcare professionals can find peers who share their area of expertise at organizations with characteristics similar to theirs, whether it’s academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, small rural hospitals, or large, national health systems. And these peers are waiting to connect and share in multiple ways in a secure, online community.

2. To experience benefits of in-person networking events, online

One of the most popular aspects of the Crowe Healthcare Summit, traditionally a face-to-face conference, is the opportunity attendees have to network and collaborate with their peers. The Crowe Hive brings the best qualities of the in-person event online, and it’s available 24/7. (Healthcare Summit will take place virtually in 2020 due to COVID-19.)

3. To share insights

Crowe Hive members can share their professional insights with the community in several ways, including writing a blog post or posting a helpful video for other members to see. They might join the several peer-to-peer forums on a wide range of topics that are trending daily. Or, members can start their own discussion threads.

4. To keep up with trending topics in the field

The Crowe Hive forums feature the most current topics healthcare leaders need to be familiar with in an evolving, dynamic industry. Forum categories include reimbursement, finance and net revenue, internal audit, operations and process, and technology. These are some recent forum topics:

  • COVID-19’s effect on healthcare systems, including workplace disruptions, patient volumes, remote work needs for business office staff, effects on cash collections, and planning and emergency contingency plans
  • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and its impact on reimbursement
  • Telehealth expanded coverage for Medicare
  • Credit balance management and unclaimed property, including credit balance automation
  • S-10 and wage index audit updates
  • Patient accounting system conversions
  • Optimizing the use of revenue cycle analytics and the associated monthly close process
  • Alignment of risk management with performance goals and objectives
  • Information on emergent products, technologies, and processes

5. To take a position

While the Crowe Hive’s forums provide an ideal opportunity for members to engage in dialogues or chats with peers, a blog post is one way for a member to share his or her opinion on a particular topic in a longer format. Recent blog topics have included cybersecurity, advice for submitting the upcoming Occupational Mix Survey, and thoughts about COVID-19 and its implications for healthcare organizations.

6. To share feedback on desired topics and content

Crowe staff members also use the blog function to solicit topic ideas from Crowe Hive members about what educational topics would be of most benefit to them at upcoming Crowe Healthcare Summits and other Crowe-sponsored events.

7. To have fun

A gamification feature is embedded throughout the Crowe Hive, which allows members to earn points based on activity. For example, members can earn two points for connecting with a peer or 10 points for posting a blog. Members can redeem points for various prizes.

8. To join a product user community

Crowe provides many products and solutions to the healthcare market. Joining a product community allows members to understand the latest available features and functionality. In addition, members can find many training materials available in the Crowe Hive. Some of the Crowe products and solutions currently being discussed in the Crowe Hive include the Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics (Crowe RCA) solution, Audivate® Crowe Automated Reconciliation, the Crowe Physician Links™ software solution, the Crowe Wage Index Navigator system, Crowe Asset Optimizer, Crowe Healthcare Index Score for Revenue Cycle, and the C-TRAC® solution.

9. To keep up with what’s next

The Crowe Hive is continually being enhanced and improved, with valuable new features and content added frequently to meet members’ needs. Members have a front-row seat to new concepts as they’re unveiled. Some planned future components include a Crowe Hive mobile app, addition of RSS feeds, and learning opportunities that allow members to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit.

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Healthcare is one of the economy’s most dynamic sectors. As it continues to evolve, healthcare leaders face many unknowns about what lies ahead and can benefit from a platform to exchange ideas, solutions, and successes; tap into their peers’ knowledge; and simplify their day-to-day work. Visit crowehive.com to join the community and discover more about the activity unfolding on the Crowe Hive.

The Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics (Crowe RCA) solution was invented by Derek Bang of Crowe. The Crowe RCA solution is covered by U.S. Patent number 8,301,519.
The Crowe Wage Index Navigator system was invented by Mark Strawmyer and Jay Sutton of Crowe. The Crowe Wage Index Navigator system is covered by U.S. Patent number 8,725,556.
The Crowe Physician Links™ software solution was invented by Jay Sutton and others of Crowe. A patent is pending for the Crowe Physician Links solution.
The C-TRAC® solution was invented by Geralyn Hurd of Crowe. A patent is pending for the C-TRAC solution.

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