Do you know ARPA requires you to complete federal reports?

Robert Dobis, Alicia L. Antonetti-Tricker, Susannah R.K. Heitger
Webinar: Did you know ARPA requires you to complete federal reports? Crowe can help.

ARPA federal reporting can be a heavy and time-consuming burden. Crowe can take some of the weight off your shoulders.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was signed into law on March 11, 2021, with $1.9 trillion in state, local, and individual monetary relief. The ARPA provides funding access to many more communities than previous relief acts in the form of direct payments from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It also includes more federal reporting requirements than previous relief acts – obligations that might affect you.

Federal reporting might be required even if:

  • You weren’t required to prepare federal reports under the CARES Act
  • You aren’t a direct recipient of funds from the federal government
  • You’ve never had to do federal reporting before for any other program
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You need the funding, but the heavy burden of submitting the required federal reporting data can simply take more time than your team has.

Have you ever collected and submitted data to the federal government?

Have you ever completed detailed reports with multiple data elements for all your projects – potentially thousands of them – spread out across your community?

Crowe understands the unique challenges you face when managing funds and requirements in the public sector. We know the scarcity of resources that can exist when you attempt to set up a federal reporting system and when you have to manually enter data. We also understand the risk of fund mismanagement.

The good news is Crowe can help shoulder this weight.

We created the Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker to respond to the urgent needs of state and local government leaders making a positive difference in their communities.

With the Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker, you can expedite community relief, reduce your workload, and simplify federal reporting with the guidance to help you stay compliant every step of the way.

Here’s how:

  1. Plan

    By collaborating with Crowe, you’ll have decades of public sector experience at your fingertips. We’ll listen to your needs and craft a plan – together – so your time is well spent and you can maximize the community impact of these funds.

  2. Administer

    Crowe has the technology you need to execute your plan and leave paper and spreadsheets behind. Anyone in your organization can have access to our secure online platform. That means you can stay on top of collection, tracking, and supporting documentation. You’ll also be able to measure and record impact and monitor fund distribution.

  3. Report

    Transparency isn’t just encouraged – it’s required. With Crowe, you’ll have peace of mind knowing compliance requirements are being monitored throughout the entire process.

Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker

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Federal reporting and compliance guidance is out there – but it’s complicated.

Crowe is on top of Treasury guidance and program rules, which change frequently.

Our specialists in Washington, D.C., are informed on the latest federal guidance, your funding award terms and conditions, authorizing statutes, implementation regulations, and other regulatory and statutory requirements.

It’s a lot to make sense of, but we are there with you every step of the way, helping to decode the federal reporting rules so you have confidence in your funding plan.

For instance, we know you’ll owe the federal government quarterly and annual reports on the use of awarded funds, including:

  • An interim report (excluding nonentitlement units)
  • Annual project and expenditure reports (nonentitlement units)
  • Quarterly project and expenditure reports
  • An annual recovery plan performance report

We also know that federal reporting represents one of the higher risk areas from both management and compliance perspectives, so you can’t afford to wing it.

The Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker can simplify federal reporting by expediting community relief and making you a stronger steward of ARPA funding.

These federal reports are intended as a first line of defense against ARPA funds being used for ineligible purposes. To gain and hold public trust, Treasury expects all ARPA recipients to serve as strong stewards of the funds they’re awarded and to take necessary measures to prevent any fraud, waste, or abuse.

Are you confident the ARPA funds you receive will be used appropriately?

Are financial management, internal controls, and reporting necessary for transparency and accountability in place?

Crowe can help you focus on quality control, system adequacy and capacity, and data quality.

We can help you collect and distinguish between each required data element (obligations versus expenditures, grants versus subawards, and allowable versus unallowable costs) and confirm that the amounts reconcile.

The key to solving your grant reporting needs isn’t working more hours. Instead, it’s having industry expertise and trusted technology at your fingertips.

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Robert Dobis
Partner, Public Sector Consulting
Alicia L. Antonetti-Tricker
Alicia L. Antonetti-Tricker
Office Managing Principal, Indianapolis and Women Leading @ Crowe Council Chair
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Susannah R.K. Heitger
Principal, Public Sector Consulting