Past lessons for today’s banking profitability and efficiency

Banking profitability and efficiency for the future

The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes to the banking industry. Its sweeping effects left many financial services organizations questioning how to keep banking profitability on track, capitalize on a remote workforce, and increase digital services. When the financial landscape changes so dramatically, how can organizations find their way forward?

You can’t invest in success if you’re uncertain where to focus.

While the winds of change continue to swirl in the pandemic’s wake, banks still need to deliver to shareholders, stakeholders, and customers. No one can predict the future, but a look into high-performance areas can help direct investments.

The enduring performance of successful banks can reveal answers to important questions such as:

  • What contributes to strong levels of bank profitability?
  • What strategies deliver a higher net interest margin or improved earnings?
  • Are fee-income business lines contributing enough to success?
Post-pandemic profitability for successful banks
Crowe has studied high-performing banks to better understand the business models and practices that underlie their success. Learn how your organization compares with peers in our report.

A clearer path to banking profitability comes from understanding where your routes diverge.

Our research into high-performing banks can show if and where your organization is breaking away from high-performing operating models, which can help determine where and how to position your organization. Crowe specialists can help your organization:

  • Hit the right balance between investment and rationalization
  • Make investments to drive efficiency
  • Focus your sales and marketing efforts

You need the right information to choose the right road. Crowe can help you find it.

These benchmarks are only a piece of a much larger pie, and Crowe is ready to work with your organization beyond adjusting balance sheets and earnings streams.

We have knowledge of and experience in each pillar of a high-performing bank’s business model. Your organization’s markets, channels, structure, technologies and business applications, staffing, operating practices, and risk management programs all work together to make your bank successful. We can help evaluate the maturity of each pillar to determine how your organization can get on the path to high performance.

Your journey to transformed banking profitability begins with an experienced guide.

Our 90-day assessment incorporates findings from interviews, document reviews, and benchmarking. These insights allow us to assess the alignment of your business model with your vision and goals to pinpoint where you should focus your self-investment. Next, we tailor a road map to show how your organization can move toward the proven business model of high-performing banks.

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