Virtual Symposium 2020: Your Journey to Automation Starts with These Four “Must-Do’s”

| 3/12/2020
Health system operational and financial leaders are frustrated and excited with their adoption of automation – experiencing low-return “random acts of automation” while committing to the potential value of intelligent automation. And while the idea of the autonomous business office may sound aspirational to some, it is becoming a reality for leading hospitals and service providers. During this session, we will explore how healthcare professionals are applying laser-like focus to key areas of automation and the results they are achieving. 
By participating in this session, attendees will be able to: 
  1. Explain how to integrate intelligent automation into department goals, organizational strategy and performance improvement
  2. Describe the role that the autonomous business office is playing now and the impact it will have in the year ahead
  3. Outline recommended selection criteria for which process(es) to automate and how to define realistic measures of success
  4. Articulate possible pitfalls and challenges when adopting process automation 
In this session, we’ll go beyond what it means to pack for and start the journey to automation, by exploring the success and failures of those that have already begun blazing a trail.

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