Virtual Symposium 2020: Moneyball for Healthcare: A Mission Toward Improving Margin

| 3/9/2020

The core mission of healthcare providers is and always will be to care for the patients and communities they serve, but somewhere along the way doing so while generating margin developed a negative connotation. The reality is that without a focus on cost management and margin, hospitals and service providers cannot continue to serve their patients, invest in research, develop breakthrough treatments and reduce the healthcare delivery costs to their patients. With the costs of healthcare and the number of people receiving care increasing each year, a shift is needed by the industry to embrace a focus on improving margins and creating a more sustainable balance between clinical and financial priorities. During this session we will explore how leading institutions are managing equipment and resources via the use of asset-level performance analytics and insights that provide a foundation to reduce cost and improve care simultaneously. 

After attending this session, attendees will be able to: 

  1. Outline the mounting pressures facing healthcare providers that mandate a new approach to cost management 
  2. Identify how assets are at the center of the cost universe, and can adversely impact spend throughout the health system 
  3. Describe how an increased focus on managing margin can provide a platform to increase the quality of clinical care 

Margin is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, and the time is now for healthcare providers to understand that without it quality will decrease and costs to the consumer will increase. You will not want to miss this provocative look into the transformation and how healthcare leaders are embracing this change.

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