KPI benchmarking report: Time for a commercial break

Colleen Hall, Ken Ruiz, Matt Szaflarski

How do commercial payors fare compared with Medicare when it comes to the following revenue cycle key performance indicators (KPIs)?

  • Prior authorization/precertification denial rates
  • Initial denial rates
  • Request for information denial rates
  • Accounts receivable greater than 90 days
  • Bad debt
  • Final denials
  • Payor takebacks

The new quarterly revenue cycle KPI benchmarking report from Crowe supplies the answers revenue cycle leaders need to improve net revenue performance.

KPI benchmarking report: Time for a commercial break

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Colleen Hall portrait
Colleen O. Hall
Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle, Kodiak Solutions
Ken Ruiz
Ken Ruiz
Chief Revenue Officer, Kodiak Solutions
Matt Szaflarski
Matt Szaflarski
Director, Revenue Cycle, Kodiak Solutions