Virtual Symposium 2020: Index Score, Benchmarking and What It All Means for Healthcare Providers

| 3/9/2020

Healthcare organizations are becoming overwhelmed with information. In the past, siloed operations meant data didn’t cross-organizational lines, but with the adoption of cloud technologies, more data is flowing than ever before. Which is great, until you try and make sense of the information that is growing daily. It is because of this overwhelming amount of information that so many hospitals, clinics, and healthcare service providers have turned to Crowe for years to help turn “data” into actionable information. With more than 1,000 locations integrated into the Crowe network, the level of detail and support seen in the past is about to take a big leap forward. The next evolution of the Crowe Healthcare Performance Index is being mapped out today. In this session, we’ll explore what healthcare leaders are asking for today, how users can engage in the design process, and what is next for the program. 

After attending this session, attendees with be able to: 

  1. Articulate what changes are shaping the next evolution of the Crowe Performance Index 
  2. Describe the various components that make up the index score today and how it will be enhanced in the near future 
  3. Outline how they can engage in the design process 

With years worth of data from over 1,000 organizations, providing meaningful insights to healthcare leaders that they can quickly and easily access for decision making is about to get a whole lot easier. You will not want to miss this walkthrough of the Performance Index roadmap.

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