Virtual Symposium 2020: Aligning Risk Management with Performance Goals and Objectives

| 3/9/2020

A transformation in thinking is coming to the healthcare sector that recognizes in order to increase patient experience, productivity, and margins, a focus on data-driven decision making, technology, and managed risk is needed to move to the next level. The next-generation approach to risk management is driven by a deep understanding of the organization's imperatives, clear aligning of them with the right focus and approach to identify and monitor the associated risks or gaps in expected performance targets. The need to deliver quality patient experience and drive increased organizational performance and margin are not on opposite teams, and healthcare leaders will need to embrace this idea to achieve their goals in the future. 

By attending this session, participants will be able to: 

  1. Recognize that as hospitals and health systems become more complex and scaled, the traditional approach of manual risk assessment and gap identification processes from the use of lists and sample testing is falling short of what is needed to succeed for an organizations ability to compete 
  2. Outline specific ways that internal audit, compliance and IT teams can yield the biggest return on investment from the appropriate use of data and technology to succeed 
  3. Learn objectives of audit approaches that enables organizations to focus on the right risk areas and expend less effort, if any, on the low-risk areas 
  4. Describe the role that emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, are playing in the development of data analytics models, which are enabling better decision making 

The industry cannot “cost cut” its way into the future. Join us to find out how this transformational focus on turn risk into performance will shape the future of the industry.

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