Crowe Metals Accelerator cut plan workbench demo


Cut plan workbench demo key takeaways

  • Unique customer demands require a metals-specific ERP to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.
  • Crowe’s metals ERP solution enables users to simplify and streamline the production planning process.

In an industry with many moving parts, production planning can be difficult for metals companies. That is why an ERP for metal fabrication is necessary to manage complex customer demands. Our cut plan workbench and Crowe Metals Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics software simplifies the planning process and allows companies to better fulfill unique client needs.

Our metals ERP solution guides planners through the production process by identifying a match of supply and demand then automatically generating a bill of material, the route, and co-products for production. All of this is done in a single, easy-to-use platform screen designed specifically for the metals industry.

Crowe metals ERP solution

The cut plan workbench is just one of the features from the Crowe Metals Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software that will help your company meet customer demands while minimizing waste. Contact Crowe today to learn more about our software solutions and metal industries consulting.