Benefits of performance improvement and SALT planning

Stephen Wiley, Brandon Skinner, John Cooney, Andrea Meinardi

Performance improvement initiatives and SALT opportunities can be two potential sources of cash flow for manufacturers. In this webinar, Crowe specialists describe the revenue enhancing benefits of these options for manufacturing business.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify operational and financial improvement opportunities within their organization 
  • Determine working capital requirements to reduce inventory carrying costs 
  • Recognize strategic pricing opportunities for inflation recovery 
  • Identify tax planning opportunities associated with SALT 
  • Assess efficiency and estimate costs associated with state tax filing 

Note: Only attendees of the live webinar are eligible for CPE or CLE credit for qualifying webinars. If you view the webinar recording on this page you may not be eligible for CPE or CLE. For questions about CPE contact [email protected]. Additional CPE information

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