Audit committee guide: Evolving from good to great

Andrea Castle, J.P. Shelly

What distinguishes a truly great public company audit committee from the rest? This audit committee guide describes the fundamental qualities of an advanced, highly effective audit committee and the actions they take to succeed. Learn how to follow their lead. 

 The most successful audit committees demonstrate these nine qualities:

  1. Grounded in effective leadership 
  2. Adept at communication and relationship building  
  3. Focused and proactive on cybersecurity 
  4. Cognizant of staff needs and well-being 
  5. Transparent with actions and communication 
  6. Attuned to industry and company challenges 
  7. Committed to investing their time 
  8. Composed of diverse professionals 
  9. Effective at self-assessment and improvement 

Explore the guide for complete details on how audit committees can adopt these attributes. 

Audit committee guide: Evolving from good to great

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Andrea Castle
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