10 best and worst states for provider claims payment

Colleen Hall, Ken Ruiz, Matt Szaflarski

This Crowe revenue cycle KPI benchmarking report looks at the link between where a provider operates and how fast and accurately payors pay claims.

Healthcare organizations want their claims to be paid quickly, accurately, and by a single payor.

This quarterly benchmarking report uses six revenue cycle key performance indicators in three domains to identify the 10 best and the 10 worst states for healthcare claims payment.

For revenue cycle leaders, this report quantifies wide variations in claims-paying behaviors by payors – information leaders can use to drive meaningful conversations to improve payor performance.

10 best and worst states for provider claims payment

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Colleen Hall portrait
Colleen O. Hall
Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle, Kodiak Solutions
Ken Ruiz
Ken Ruiz
Chief Revenue Officer, Kodiak Solutions
Matt Szaflarski
Matt Szaflarski
Director, Revenue Cycle, Kodiak Solutions