Streamline vaccine management

with a system built on Microsoft products you know and can trust.

Managing the pandemic is complicated and stressful enough. Have one less worry.

The COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan is about saving lives and moving our communities forward. You need a vaccine management system you can depend on.

That’s just what you’ll get with CroweVax, powered by Microsoft Dynamics™ 365. It’s a secure, easy-to-use vaccine management solution with the familiar feel of Microsoft technologies.

CroweVax covers the supply chain/cold chain vaccine management process end-to-end – a unique aspect – and has critical features needed for state and local health departments, providers, and vaccine recipients.

A vaccine management system that meets your needs – even as events on the ground shift or requirements change

So much will be learned as COVID-19 vaccines get rolled out.

CroweVax is the vaccine management system that can help keep you compliant, even as federal, state, and local requirements change through the evolving phases of the vaccine distribution plan.

Ease of use

You can trust the underlying Microsoft technologies powering CroweVax. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been used for nearly two decades by the public sector, manufacturing, healthcare, financial institutions, and other commercial entities to satisfy their complex distribution needs.


CroweVax includes necessary functionality to manage the vaccine distribution process including vaccine management, allocation, and dose accountability – with simple web-based portals. This helps you manage the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines as they become available.

Fast implementation

Fully hosted in Microsoft’s cloud, CroweVax is ready to deploy for your state or local health department.

Easy reporting and analysis

CroweVax includes robust data analytics and reporting capabilities. Thanks to the power of Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI™ software, you don’t need to go to a technical specialist to get the information you need.

CroweVax provides the end-to-end functionality you need

An intuitive user experience provides one less worry. At every stage, we’ve given attention to designing an experience that’s easy to follow.

State and local health departments

State and local health departments

Vaccine management

There’s a lot to manage: Organizations, providers, contacts, tasks and activities, allocation plans, enrollments, requests, inventory updates, provider information, updates from the CDC, and more. CroweVax is up to the job.


Vaccine management

Allocations: Setup and plans

Because of constantly changing supply, allocations will need to be made at each phase of the vaccine distribution plan. CroweVax helps you keep track of allocations and pre-distribution approvals.


Allocations setup and plans

Dose accountability

Account for every dose with CroweVax – which provider it goes to and any damaged or compromised doses. With robust cold chain management and real-time inventory views, vaccine distribution tracking is made easy.


Dose accountability



Provider registration and enrollment

The CroweVax provider portal makes it easy for providers to give proof of eligibility, register, and get approved by the necessary agency so they can be up and running fast.


Provider registration and enrollment

Vaccine ordering

Manage numerous vaccine orders in one place - simplifying a complex process. With CroweVax, providers can order, reorder, and track vaccines through the user-friendly provider portal, with health departments and other agencies providing vaccine order approval before distribution.


Vaccine ordering

Dose accountability

Manage every dose with CroweVax - who receives and when they receive it. Also, track and report damaged or compromised doses to your health department. With real-time inventory views, manage the vaccine distribution to your community with ease.


Dose accountability

Vaccine recipients

Vaccine recipients

CroweVax provides necessary functionality for vaccine recipients, too.

Through the CroweVax recipient portal, recipients can register their household, review vaccine eligibility requirements, search vaccine distribution locations, manage appointments, view reminders for additional doses if required, and schedule text and email reminder notifications.

Experienced support to guide you every step of the way.

Our clients know we are dedicated. Once CroweVax is delivered, part of the solution is a collaborative support model designed to meet your needs.

We’re ready to help you get COVID-19 vaccines to the people who need them

We’re excited to play a part in distributing COVID-19 vaccines as fast as possible, especially to those communities that have been hardest hit by this virus.

We’ve walked beside hundreds of clients through every kind of crisis – including COVID-19 – so we know what you’re up against. The tools we’ve created to help you draw on our 50 years of experience with public sector clients.

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