Exceptions resolution

Exceptions Resolution

Streamline revenue cycle exceptions with machine learning.

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Product features

Greater control over revenue cycle
More reliable account resolution
Reduced costs
Greater control over revenue cycle
More reliable account resolution
Reduced costs

Maintain control over revenue cycle tasks and performance

With Crowe Exceptions Resolution, machine learning allows you to spend less time on exceptions resolution and focus more on the activities that affect your revenue the most.

Improve accuracy, reliability, and compliance with machine learning

Enjoy greater consistency in account resolution with automation and machine learning that connects to your patient accounting system and continually recognizes patterns of credit balances and denials.

Reduce overall collection costs

Automation and machine learning mean that fewer accounts need personal attention. Resolve a higher volume of accounts with less human intervention and cost, and focus your staff time on higher-value priorities.
Reduce costs

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Request the latest report titled, "It’s Not Just Denials – It’s Delays: Delayed Payments for Clinical Services a Drag on Hospital Cash Flow." 

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