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Corporate tax compliance

We provide a range of corporate tax compliance services to support the needs of our corporate tax clients.  We do not need to be your auditors to provide tax compliance services. All services are tailored specifically to meet the individuals needs for our clients. 

How we can help?

Company tax returns

  • Tax registrations
  • Preparation of company and group corporation tax computations for inclusion in annual return
  • Preparation and submission to the Revenue Commissioners of Corporation Tax returns (Form CT1)
  • Advice on how to maximise tax reliefs and allowances, such as the R&D tax credit and the recently introduced Knowledge Development Box reduced rate of corporation tax
  • Monitoring and advising on tax liabilities and due dates for corporation tax including preliminary Corporation Tax for both large and small companies
  • Provision of advice in relation to the impact of the close company provisions
  • Liaising with the Revenue Commissioners and dealing with correspondence
  • Preparation and assistance in advance of Revenue Audits
  • VAT and PAYE Compliance
  • Electronic tagging of accounts (iXBRL)
  • We also offer a full international tax compliance service via our Crowe Global network to ensure that your company or group’s non-Irish tax compliance obligations are being met

Tax accounting

  • Preparing and reviewing tax provisions and tax disclosure for company and consolidated accounts
  • Preparing and reviewing tax provisions and tax disclosure for interim reporting purposes

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Grayson Buckley
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John Byrne
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